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The spirit of Yoga continues to enthrall aspiring yogis, seekers of mindful experiences and spiritualists since the bygone eras. Yoga is a majestic and magical science that has flourished across the globe with its roots intact in India in places like Rishikesh, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Mysore, and Goa. Every year and season, people from across the globe travel to experience the essence of yoga and the positive transformations that help unleash the yogis’ true inner potential. Goa is the place where contemporary yoga and traditional yoga amalgamate to offer beautiful experiences that the yogis and yoginis can carry forward in their lifestyles as a part of it. There are different yoga courses in Goa based on styles, level of expertise, time duration, etc. that the yogis can select from.


We often interpret Yoga as a science that would magically make you feel better, and healthier in the mind, body, and spirit, that you would magically begin to push your body into the most complex shapes that only a gummy could. While there is truth in these, we have to keep in mind that the outcomes of Yoga are different for everyone and so is our journey. For everyone on this planet, Yoga can be defined in the most simple terms, “Yoga” means “Yuj” and “Yuj” means “state of being”. In even simpler words, Yoga is a state of absolute being when the mind, body, and spirit become whole. It is a state that is achieved, the state of mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium. There are many paths that lead to it. Yogis and yoginis have the free will to choose any of these routes that eventually lead to one common destination, the ultimate goal of yoga, i.e., the state of utter enlightenment.


There are two ways to upscale and really take your practices to a higher level. One way is to opt for a yoga teacher training course in Goa from the most-recommended yoga teacher training in Goa 2024. Another route is to go with non-certified short-term yoga courses in Goa.

A certified yoga teacher training program is ideal for those who wish to make a switch to a full-time yoga teacher and also those who are serious about taking their yogic learnings and practices to a higher education level. With such an intent, it becomes much easier to navigate your way to enhanced yogic experiences as the yoga teacher training programs are much more structured and refined to offer the yogis the required tools, lectures, and expertise to successfully and safely transition into highly-skilled yogis and yoginis. The journey begins with 100 and 200 hour yoga teacher training programs.

200 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa is ideal for beginner-level yogis who wish to gain the status of a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance validation has huge credibility in the industry and it makes making a career switch into a full-time yogi much smoother, not to mention, the standards of Yoga Alliance are refined to aid you do justice to the program curriculum when you go through it. This type of program is ideal for those who can devote 25-30 days to learning and practicing at the school.

Another interesting choice yoga teacher training in Goa 2024 is a 100 hour YTT. With the time on our hands getting shorter for some people, they still wish to make conscious efforts toward holistic wellness and sincere yogic experiences. That is where a 100 hour yoga teacher in the tropical paradise of Goa comes to mind. Usually, a course like this one can be done in two halves within the duration of 24 months so it can collectively count to 200 hours YTT. Individually, the hours studied at 100 hour yoga teacher training can be added to the yogi’s CE hours (continuing education).


As you move further in your transition and journey, you can seek advanced yoga courses in Goa such as 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs. The beauty of yoga is that it offers a lot of diversity with multi-style yoga programs gaining more popularity among yogis who wish to explore different styles before they can or want to specialize in one. Some of the most popular yoga styles for yoga teacher training in Goa 2024 are centered around Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Mindfulness Yoga, Alignment Yoga, Yin Yoga, and the like.

Once the yogis and yoginis build a strong foundation during 200 hours YTT, they can take another profound leap into the world of yoga with a 300 hour yoga teacher training program at a reputed yoga school. From advanced asana techniques to alignment theory, 300 hour yoga courses are apt for inspired yogis who can devote 25-30 days to the program.

Moving a step beyond unleashing yogic potential and prowess comes with a 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa. March towards becoming a complete yogi of refined skills and professional expertise, open the route towards becoming a sage yogi or a yoga guru with this program. You need to have a couple of months to devote to this absolutely priceless program. From adopting the yogic regimen like it is a part of your body and spirit to performing each asana with ease and absolute finesse, be a part of the larger community of yoga where selective yogis reach or aspire to reach.

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