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How To Choose Your First Yoga Teacher Training Certification In Goa, India?


Have you have gotten bored of your monotonous life involving 9 to 5 job without any source of entertainment or diversion from your repeated life. In that case, opting for a First Yoga Teacher Training Program is just the right decision for you. It will give you meaning or purpose in life and help you explore its meaning to its totality. Therefore, you could consider Goa Yogashala to advance your journey towards the Yoga TTC program where students of traditional Yoga gather and practice their style.


Goa might be renowned and reputed for its party and nightlife culture. Still, very few people discover the vast number of opportunities and varieties of schools it has to provide for Yoga. Goa is the perfect location to undertake such a peaceful and pleasant journey amidst the undiscovered silent beaches of Goa, green forests, small islands, and its renowned architecture. You could also practice meditation on a quiet beach where only the voices of nature will be heard. Like the loud crashing sound of waves beating against the rocks, birds soaring high at a distance, blades of grass rubbing against each other, a beam of sunlight shining bright as if trying to deliver a new ray of hope. Goa is a mixed culture of soul and serene. Also, it attracts many people worldwide for its Yoga Courses that provide you with an opportunity to experience different cultures and tongues all accumulated for the same soulful experience of Yoga.


Are you planning to undertake a yoga teacher training certification program? That sounds incredible. This path shall be the most liberating and transforming journey of your life, even if you never intended to teach in your life. When you plan on becoming a teacher, you set a goal of mastering the art yourself first, drawing you towards perfection. You will be drawn to your ambition with every single passing day, and you will crave excellence. This will lead you on the path of enlightenment and liberation. However, how to know which yoga teacher training platform shall suit you the best? How to rest assured that the vast amount of money you will be investing in the platform will pay you off anytime shortly? Out of so many options, which Yoga Courses in Goa shall give you the maximum output and return? Well, if these are the questions dangling at the backside of your head, this is the right place for you to dig in. Here a few tips and tricks are mentioned which you should consider before planning to become a successful Yoga instructor.


Yoga Alliance is a recognized international governing body for Yoga that supports the education and Yoga Teacher Training Certification program while maintaining standards of various degrees. This certification shall include all the requirements of standards to be fulfilled during the training programs and qualifications for the insurance.

Choose flexible hours:

Plan a schedule according to your everyday lifestyle and compatibility. For example, supposedly, you join a Yoga Teacher Training Program in Goa which is a few kilometers away from your residence, and you have chosen an early morning schedule. Now this will cause you to leave your house early midnight to avoid being late at the retreat. So, it is advised to schedule your timetable accordingly.

Investigate the program’s report and past:

Do some research on its record and history if you are planning to spend a few thousand dollars on it. Earn about its experience in the field, its feedback, and whether it has been able to deliver lessons upon its full potential and mark.

Know about your subjects

Learn about the different classes and lessons your training program offers and make sure it emphasizes anatomy. It is a very core subject and is required to expand the consciousness you have regarding your body.

Study your curriculum:

Every Yoga school in Goa has different and unique timetables dedicated to their extensive yoga postures, lab, and history. Study the hours dedicated to each topic and pick a program that suits you the best and your subject interest.

Frequent Things to do before beginning Your First Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

After booking your First Yoga Teacher Training course, you must be feeling reckless to start training and transform into a yoga instructor swiftly. However, it is true that there are a few things that you must do before you begin your training.

Relax your body: This might sound absurd, but try avoiding yoga lessons at home as the training course you are about to start can intensively require physical strength. So it is better to give your body all the rest it needs before I enter an intensive yoga program.

Research your subject: It would be helpful for you if you knew the basics of your yoga teacher training program that would help you understand your subject better.

Explore around the place: It can be overwhelming for a few people to spend so much time in an unknown location or country. Therefore, it would be wise as you would get to explore your destination to get comfortable with the location and its surroundings.

Ponder over your intentions for the course: Before joining a First course, schedule a plan of action as to what you desire its outcome to be, whether you want to remain at an intermediate level or opt for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program. After deciding, work every day in moving a step closer to your chosen determination and goal.

If you wish to seek Yoga Teacher Training certification, reading this blog would be worth your time, effort, and money. The blog talks about the various aspects that one should know before deciding to learn Yoga or become a Yoga instructor. Check out for further detailed information.

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