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Goa harbours an enchanting setting with breathtaking sceneries that would sweep you off your feet. This beautiful Indian state sits wonderfully by the western coast of the country and offers spectacular vistas that include great beaches, scenic waterfalls, lush green forests, and of course, wildlife representing diverse ecosystems. So, when you have all these surreal beauties, why would you refrain from visiting Goa for your 300 hour or 200 hour yoga teacher training in India? After all, untroubled and peaceful surroundings are what provide a beneficial environment to practitioners for learning yoga. Nature is where you can enhance your yoga learning experience and encounter the best of the yogic world.

But is Goa s natural environment really impactful? Well, let’s find it out and understand how Goa’s nature helps in yoga learning and practise. Let’s learn how Goa’s natural environment can prove to be beneficial for all the enthusiasts out there.


Whether you are visiting Goa for your 200 hour yoga TTC in India or 300 hour yoga teacher training in India, the state serves you a pleasant environment with a tranquil aura to relax in. Unwind by sandy shores where you can feel calmness away from the chaos of metro cities.

Experience a soothing atmosphere by waterfalls and forests where you can sit and meditate or practise various asanas without any disturbance from crowds or road traffic. Moreover, the yoga schools in Goa nurture amid extremely wonderful locations where you have a hushed surrounding to indulge in.


 Nature serves as a great teacher as it helps us understand how to live in harmony. It teaches us the importance of diversity in life and how to adapt ourselves to ever-changing situations. That’s the reason ever since the development of yoga, nature has been every practitioner’s go-to environment.

So, while in Goa, do not miss out on this golden opportunity. Embrace the great qualities of its nature and get ready to witness a drastic change in your overall personality. From sustainability to balance and collaboration to interconnectedness, you get to learn a variety of life lessons from the nature of Goa. 


 Your yoga teacher training course in Goa is going to be a memory of a lifetime for you as it is here you would experience improved air quality rather than polluted air that can cause several health problems. In this idyllic retreat, come across an undisturbed environment where you can relish the gentle breeze while practising by the beach. Take a breath of fresh air amid lush lawns and dense forests.

Hence, in Goa, you can resort to practising yoga outdoors as you wouldn’t have to encounter pollutants and allergens in the air. Unlike metro cities, you have a healthier environment in Goa that can eventually help you get rid of respiratory issues. It wouldn’t just relax your mind, body, and soul but also improve your lung capacity.



Goa has beautiful beaches with unlimited water to get involved with. When you practise by these shores, you get to listen to the waves crashing onto your feet. This would provide you with a sense of satisfaction and deep relief. Moreover, the sound of water is deemed meditative, which eventually can enhance your overall yoga learning experience.

Treat yourself by taking a dip in seawater and revitalising your body’s energy. You can also challenge yourself and test your patience by trying your hand at various water sports activities such as boating, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Moreover, what’s better than beaches to practise yoga asanas like boat pose and dolphin pose?


Goa is full of melodious and rhythmic corners. Whether you are meditating by a waterfall crashing onto giant rocks or in the midst of a forest where birds chirp around and nature whispers in ecstasy, you get to listen to heavenly jingles. All of this together helps you in a great meditative experience. You can also visit the beaches of Goa and soothe your mind and body while listening to waves crashing on the shore.

These sounds of waves, wind, birdsong, etc, induce a state of relaxation within us, which we can harness to reduce stress and anxiety levels. As per several studies, natural sounds help in calming down an unsettled and turbulent mind. And this can definitely enhance your yoga learning experience.


Ever wondered why sunrise and sunset always provide you with a profound experience? Well, the sunrays at the time of dawn and dusk, when paint the sky in multiple hues, send us a sense of calmness. When you practise yoga during sunrise, you tend to energise your body rhythms.

And while practising it during sunset, you get to experience a calm nervous system that would relax your mind and improve your sleep pattern. Hence, it is perfectly alright to say that practising yoga at the time of sunrise and sunset while in Goa makes for an ideal way to disconnect with chaos and reconnect with the natural rhythms of mother earth.

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There is no doubt that yoga is all about connecting with the inner spirit and finding the utmost peace. And to your surprise, Goa’s natural surroundings can help practitioners like you connect with themselves on a deeper level. The state’s gorgeous locations and tranquil beauties can help you develop a sense of harmony and awaken the spirituality in you. This, eventually, mitigates your worries and stress, thereby, making your life happier.

So, these are the most significant ways through which Goa’s natural beauty can impact your mental and physical well-being and enhance your yoga learning experience! Get going now and enrol in the best yoga teacher training course in Goa right now.

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