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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Goa Yogashala

At Goa Yogashala, we aim at maintaining the most productive and ethical environment for all of our students. At its core, Yoga’s first sutra lays heavy significance to discipline and our guidelines are designed to imbibe the very sutra in our daily schedule.

To ensure smooth operations of the school and all our training programs, we have laid out a specific set of terms and conditions that must be followed by all our students and at all times. These terms and conditions define the principles and values of the school and must not be taken lightly. Failure to comply with any of the following may result in immediate termination from the course with no refund.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting your application for our courses.

Course Fee:

Every student must deposit a €200-euro advance fee to register themselves for our course. The remaining balance must be paid at the school upon arrival. We accept INR, EUR, USD, as well as British Pounds. Due to certain limitations, we cannot accept any other currency at the moment.

Alternatively, students can also make the remaining payment online via PayPal or bank transfer. However, in the case of online payments, the remaining amount should be transferred at least a week before the beginning of the course. Kindly note, any and all transaction charges, and bank fees are the sole responsibility of the applicant and the school does not bear any responsibility to pay for those charges.

Additionally, students who choose to pay the balance fee in cash upon their arrival must sign a written agreement stating their approval of our cancellation policy. Failure to sign the agreement or payment of the entire course fee before the course commencement can result in the cancellation of application and loss of registration fee.

Cancellation And Refund Policy:

Due to operational costs, reservation charges, fixed remunerations of our yoga teachers, and administrative expenses, the course fee, once paid, cannot be refunded, transferred, or canceled. This also includes the registration fee.

However, if the student needs to cancel their application for a specific course date due to emergency or unavoidable reasons, the course fee (inclusive of the registration fee) can be adjusted against the student continuing to pursue the course in the future. But, please note, that this facility is available only until a year from the original date of application.

To reschedule your course date, you must notify Goa Yogashala at least a month before the course commencement date. Failure to do so can result in the total loss of your course fee, and you may be required to re-apply only after paying the registration and the course fee again.

Unplanned Changes Or Cancellations Of A Scheduled Course:

Although it is highly unlikely for us to change the venue or cancel a course once it has been confirmed, we cannot predict unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, endemics, and the likes. In these cases, the school reserves the right to make last-minute changes as and when we deem fit.

If a training program has been canceled by Goa Yogshala, the school will offer a 100% refund to the applicants or an alternative option. You may decide to accept the refund or avail the alternative.

Please note – Goa Yogashala does not hold responsibility towards cancellations of flights or any such expenses incurred by the applicant.

The Reshuffling Of Teaching Staff:

At Goa Yogashala, our teachers believe in dedicating their time and energy towards teaching you the most authentic forms of yoga and its related practices. They believe in portraying discipline as much as they expect it from you. However, in certain situations, such as organization issues, personal commitments, health problems, and as such, we may be required to bring a change in our teaching panel.

Please keep in mind all our teachers have been practicing and preaching yoga and its related aspects for years. They are not only accredited by Yoga Alliance but are also some of the best yoga teachers in India. That being said, you can rest assured that we would only provide you with the most experienced and revered teachers for your teacher training programs. Goa Yogashala reserves the right for the final decision on the matter.


Goa Yogashala is an accredited yoga school which is known for organizing truly conventional and completely ethical teacher training courses. Our certificate helps you register with Yoga Alliance as certified teachers so you can pursue a teaching career in yoga anywhere in the world. Thus, we require you to commit to 100% attendance to successfully complete the course and receive the corresponding certificate.

We understand that these teacher training programs are intensive and require you to devote yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. To ensure that you remain healthy and nourished, we take good care of your meals as well as relaxation.

Due to the demanding nature of these courses, maintaining a complete attendance and contact hours is obligatory. In case of continued absence from the course, the participant may not be able to complete the course and receive completion certificate on time. They may also be required to dedicated additional study hours in the future to complete their training. The only exception to the rule will be any serious medical conditions.

If the participant is suffering from light discomfort or is unable to practice asanas due to an injury, we recommend them to attend the class so they can observe the training session. In doing so, they can still grasp a lot of knowledge, which they would otherwise miss if they were physically absent.


All students are requested to reach the designated practice venue 10 minutes before the class begins. This would give them and the teacher ample time to settle down and prepare for the class.

Please do not enter the class without the teacher’s permission if you are late. Doing so not only disrupts the class and reflects disrespectful towards the teacher and the group but may also lead to non-admission.

Maintenance Of Silence:

Practicing silence is of great importance in yogic traditions. Maintaining silence, especially during meditation, helps in assimilating and imbibing the true essence of yoga. Thus, all students are encouraged to observe silence during their course as well as meditation practices. In case of a query, wait for the teacher to finish explaining and raise your hand to wait for your turn.

Health And Fitness Issues:

All students are expected to be responsible for their health and safety during the training program. Please keep in mind that all our teacher training courses are not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. Thus, it is only suitable for those with a healthy mind and body.

We recommend you to undergo a thorough check-up with your physician back home before you apply for any of our programs. You must only apply for our courses if your doctor approves of it. Due to their intensive nature,  our training programs or not apt for people who are rehabilitating from or are on medication for severe physical or psychological conditions, except under the supervision of a doctor therapist.

Additionally, our yoga teacher training programs are also not suitable for people with serious injuries, unstable emotional conditions, as well as pregnant women (expect prenatal yoga courses). If you have had a past of any such serious injuries, have certain limitations, or are on medication, please notify our teaching staff before you begin with your teacher training course.

Last but not the least, we like to reiterate that you are responsible for ensuring preventive measures throughout the training – don’t push yourself, be mindful of your body if it hurts, ask for help if you feel sick, or undergo an emotional crisis.

Do remember that we are always here to help and support you in any way we can. We would be glad to arrange medical facilities, spiritual counselors, and even doctor-on-call if the need arises.

Liability Release:

The management of Goa Yogashala or any of its staff does not bear responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, sickness or illness caused, medical or psychiatric conditions developed prior, during, or following the teacher training course.

All course participants are requested to sign a liability release form upon their arrival at the school and before beginning with the course. The form states that the student is healthy and fit, both psychologically and physically, and is prepared for intensive practices that may lead to certain emotional and physical issues. Without signing the liability release form, you will not be allowed to begin the course.

Goa Yogashala is also not responsible or liable for course delays, cancellations, changes, or losses caused by natural disasters, war, the threat of war, closure of airports, civil conflict, accidents, or any other events beyond the scope of our control.

The yoga teacher training participants are completely and solely responsible for their belongings and valuables.


Accommodation is allotted to the students on the first-come-first-serve basis at our school campus. If all the rooms on site are completely booked, your accommodation will be arranged at nearby guesthouses at a very short distance from the school. Accommodation charges are included in the course fee, and students will be allocated private or shared rooms depending on their request at the time of the application.

Though we try our best to ensure that all your requirements are met, we do not commit to accepting or catering to individual requests. Also, please understand that changing your room request at the last moment may not be entertained as we prepare our rooms in advance based on the applications.

Discount Policy:

Goa Yogashala offers a 10% discount to all applicants who reserve their spot three months in advance for a training program. We also have certain discount policies for group booking but they are treated individually depending on the specific scenario.

All further concessions and discounts are upon the sole judgment and decision of Goa Yogashala. This does not entitle other students to question or claim these discounts and concessions.

Certification Criteria:

Teacher Training Course completion certificates are issued to the students who successfully complete a given training program. At Goa Yogashala, a student is rated based on the following parameters:

  • 100% attendance record,
  • Punctuality and discipline,
  • professional and ethical behavior,
  • overall course assessment and evaluation,
  • timely submission of course works and assignments, and
  • good performance in the practical and written tests

Failure to comply with any of these parameters may result in the school not agreeing to reward the corresponding certificate.

On-Campus And Off-Campus Behavior:

All students are strictly advised to report directly to school authorities in case of any problems, conflicts, or disagreements with fellow classmates, teachers, and other school staff. You are also advised to do so if you face any personal issues. Every scenario will be dealt with the utmost sensitivity and compliance.

We strongly discourage students to take matters into their own hands, respond with violence (verbal or physical), indulge in slandering or gossiping, disrespecting the country’s traditions and values, be hostile towards locals, and the likes. Doing so (irrespective of whose fault it is) will result in strict actions being taken.

Please understand that the school has an experienced team in place, led by our Founders and Director, who is experienced in handling such situations and offering an unbiased, logical solution to various problems.

Drugs And Alcohol:

Consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco (on-campus or off-campus) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during the course of your training program. Consuming such toxic substances is not only considered counterproductive to your yoga practice but may also result in immediate termination from the program with no refund.

These substances are known to cause harmful effects on the central nervous system and diminish your receptivity of the teachings. Thus, we strongly encourage you to refrain from any such activities so you can maintain the purity and spirituality of the school atmosphere as well as prevent yourself from causing any harm to your mind and body.

Conduct And Behaviour:

Goa Yogashala reserves the right to dismiss or terminate the practice of a student and ask them to leave the premises immediately, if they defy any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions, proves physically harmful to themselves and/or those around them, is found to be mentally or physically unfit to continue with the course, or indulges in any disruptive activity that may hamper the reputation of the school as well as the safety of others.

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