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Yoga is the new trend in the current world and millions of people are coming forward to take it up as their way of life. And if you desire to become an instructor, then you must enroll in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training . This intensive program is for all the beginners out there who look forward to imbibing the science of yoga. Join the classes and be ready to explore the inner self, the magic of nature, and a lot more. But where should you join the program? Well, India is a land of yogic culture and hence, it has numerous places where you can find the best yoga schools and Ayurveda centers.

However, Goa is one of the most significant places where you can think of joining a yogashala and enhancing your knowledge about yoga. But why should you join yoga teacher training in Goa? Well, here are some of the reasons to go to a yoga school in Goa.



The 200-hour yoga teacher training is a yoga program that is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about yoga, its science, philosophy, history and evolution, and everything else that is required for you to excel in the field. Learn about the eight limbs of yoga, how it is of utmost importance to remain connected with nature and why it is prominent to keep practicing.

The program is all set to deepen your yoga practice as you will understand more about your mind, body, and soul. Learn different styles, ethics for yoga teachers, yoga business management, and Ayurveda. Take the yoga enthusiast in you on an adventurous ride as you go through essential elements to enrich your practice. Get guided under the supervision of experts and world-renowned yogis. Once you have completed your training at a yoga school in Goa, you are certified to teach at any yogashala across the country.


Yoga teacher training in Goa is going to change your life and there is no doubt about it. It is going to provide you with a roadmap for life and deepen your connection with yoga. As you will practice rigorous postures, muscle training, and more, you will have a better understanding of your body and mind. Eventually, it will help in your personal growth. The 200-hour yoga teacher training will help you discover your inner strength. You will understand how to improve focus and concentration in life.

And with all this, you make yourself fit and strong. Yoga teacher training provides you with a motto in life. You will also understand how this ancient healing system is perfect to put all your worries and problems to an end.


Goa is the land of vibrant vibes and when you are in its high-spirited environment, you are bound to enjoy it like never before. While training yourself at a Goa yogashala, enjoy your vacation exploring the different beauties of the state. Goa offers its visitors a myriad of options to enjoy. Explore the calm waters of Palolem or scrutinize the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Unleash the party animal and dance your night away at exuberant party destinations.

Watch sunset vistas while lazing by a beach sipping on your favorite drink. Goa has in store an entire world of attractions for you. So, enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course at a yoga school in Goa and get the opportunity to witness the majesty of the state. Apart from beaches, pubs, and clubs, you have forts, cathedrals, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, ancient monuments, and colourful markets to explore.


The 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa doesn’t just teach you about basic postures, asanas, and meditation. It is a lot more than just fundamental physical and mental exercises. The course brings you to the importance of having a yogic lifestyle. It brings to you the benefits of living consciously all the time. The yogic lifestyle is all about including yoga, its philosophy, balanced diet, physical exercise, and meditation into your daily routine.

And once you are into the program, you understand how a yogic diet keeps your mind and body stable and provides adequate energy to all your parts. You will understand how practicing meditation every day helps in the management of stress and keeps you calm and composed. You will also understand how physical exercise improves your sleep pattern, enhances your quality of life, and keeps you motivated all the time. The yogic lifestyle also facilitates focus and concentration in life.


The 200-hour yoga teacher training course at a yoga school in Goa is often taken by those who are looking forward to building a career in the world of yoga. However, it is also opted by those who are immensely interested in learning about the field just for personal purposes. The course teaches you the history, the philosophy, the evolution, and the present of yoga.

You get yoga alliance certification, which eventually helps you in getting placed at a renowned yoga center with a good salary package. Once you have completed the course, you are eligible to join medical centers, yoga studios, gym clubs, schools, fitness centers, hospitals, and other such places. India is the land of yoga and Ayurveda and hence, there is no dearth of yoga training schools in the country. You can also join them and become an instructor.

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