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Revolutionizing the yogic world, Goa Yogashala is the top yoga school in Goa and is renowned for offering the best multi-style yoga teacher training courses. Whether it is 100 hour yoga TTC Goa, 200 hour yoga TTC Goa, or 300 hour yoga TTC, Goa Yogashala offers Yoga alliance certification to enthusiasts from around the world. It focuses on teaching the traditional forms of Yoga and its important aspects including pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, and adjustment and alignment. Today, it is known amongst millions for teaching the concepts of yoga, meditation, and more in depth and is regarded as the best yoga teacher training school in Goa. One can also learn yoga cooking during their classes at school.

GoaYogashala specializes in four types of yoga – Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Venture off into its divine world and learn in a contemporary way from the best yoga gurus and teachers. Let’s delve deep and understand more about GoaYogashala, its campus, the courses it offers to its students, and a lot more.


Nature is of utmost importance if yogic learning is what you aspiring to gain. It is because nature inspires you to endorse harmony and brings to you the right amount of restfulness and peace. And Goa Yogashala rightly sits in the lap of nature nurturing a tranquil aura and peaceful surroundings. Goa Yogashala is a leading yoga school in Goa and is equally famous for its gorgeous campus that sits perfectly on the shores of the breathtaking Agonda Beach in South Goa. It is spread over an area of about 1500 square feet amid fresh air. Here, you have the quintessential beauties to relish including coconut groves, cashew stress, beaches, palm trees, and more.

South Goa is one of the pleasing territories in the state with glistening shores, convincing seawater, and untroubled nature all around. Break free from your hectic life and get lost in its soothing environment. The surroundings here have a variety of attractions to marvel at. Whether you are looking for unending stretches of sandy shores, party destinations, historical corners, or just relaxing spaces, South Goan localities never cease to amaze their visitors.

The facilities at Yogashala include complimentary Wi-Fi, beach access, 24*7 service, warm hospitality, freshly-prepared meals, travel planning assistance, seaside view cottages with luxurious amenities, and Non-AC deluxe rooms with all the basic facilities. So, embark on your journey now!

Check out: https://www.goayogashala.com/yoga-valley/


Goa Yogashala offers its students a variety of programs wherein they learn about different aspects of yoga and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The major courses include 100 hour yoga TTC, 200 hour Yoga TTC Goa, and 300 hour yoga TTC. All of these courses have been designed to make students learn efficiently within an adequate amount of time. Enroll in the best yoga teacher training course Goa and find yourself mastering your subject.

Apart from the teachings, class activities, and Yoga Alliance certification, these courses include complimentary study material, yoga kit, t-shirts, regular excursions to temples, waterfalls, and more, accommodation, food, transportation, and 24*7 assistance.


Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts who look forward to understanding the basic concepts of yoga, the 100 hour yoga teacher training course is perfect to open up your minds and start your journey as a yoga teacher. It is an ideal program for those who are extremely curious about yoga and its magical world and desire to learn the fundamentals.

Check out:  https://www.goayogashala.com/100-hour-multi-style-yoga-teacher-training/


Spread over 4 weeks, the 200 hour Yoga TTC Goa is for those who desire to deepen their practice and become a professional. During the program, you learn about Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Mysore Style Yoga, Yoga anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, and practicum.

Check out: https://www.goayogashala.com/200-hour-multistyle-yoga-teacher-training/


It is for those who want to become advanced yogis as the course focuses on all aspects of yoga and takes its students through world-class training sessions. You can also opt to take it to broaden your understanding.

Goa Yogashala also has a 7-day retreat and holiday program for tourists, travelers, and those who are curious about the yogic world.

Check out: https://www.goayogashala.com/300-hour-multi-style-yoga-teacher-training/


A school without good teachers is like a man without a soul. And that’s why Goa Yogashala, the premium yoga school in Goa, has highly-advanced and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective departments and are renowned globally for their unique style of teaching. The major yoga gurus who take classes and programs at Goa Yogashala include:

Praveen Reddy – The co-founder of the institution and a 200-hour YTTC and 300 Hour YTTC certified teacher.

Charlotte Goodhew – Expert in anatomy, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga, she holds a 200-hour yoga certification in various styles.

Vishavjeet Singh – Dive deep into the world of Yoga and learn about yoga and meditation techniques with him.

Swamy Atmanand – A devoted yogi who has been teaching for more than 15 years and specializes in philosophy, meditation, and yoga mantras.

Check out: https://www.goayogashala.com/teachers/


  • Learn in detail about the different concepts of yoga and become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher.
  • Untwine in a serene atmosphere and soothe your mind, body, and soul.
  • You have a variety of multi-style yoga teacher training courses to choose from.
  • Learn from the best yoga gurus and world-renowned yogis and teachers.
  • Make connections with like-minded people and grow emotionally
  • Explore gorgeous beaches, ancient temples, historical sites, and more on regular excursions.
  • Avail the best yoga teacher training course Goa at reasonable prices.

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