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Yoga teacher training course have become extremely popular in India and across different parts of the world. Yoga is a perfect way to create balance and harmony in life. It makes up ideal practices that would always keep your soul revitalized and your mind and body healthy and fit. Now that teacher training has become a thriving career option, people are coming forward aggressively to enroll in different yoga styles programs to make their dream career and lead a happy and healthy life.

But which yoga style should you choose for the yoga teacher training course? It is always the question! Because – which is the best style in yoga – this doubt often lingers in our minds. Well, a lot of people today go with multi-style yoga teacher training courses wherein you get to learn about different styles of yoga in the same course. Let’s learn about it and understand why a multi-style yoga teacher training course can be a good fit for you.


While signing up for a multi-style yoga teacher training program, you are registering to learn about different yoga styles which include Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Kundalini, and more. These styles focus on different aspects of yoga and help you understand how to use them for a balanced mind, body, and soul. You get to dive deep into the profundity of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. All of this enhances your understanding of yoga in depth.

During the multi-style yoga teaching training course, you dedicate almost half a day to learning mindfulness and consciousness. You start understanding how to make your body flexible through asanas and how to make your mind adaptable through meditation. From the history of yoga to its evolution over centuries and modern yoga to its philosophy, you learn every major thing sharing an insight into its greatness.

Yoga teacher training in Goa is quite popular as the state has been nurturing yoga and Ayurveda for centuries now. Find the best yoga school Goa and sign up for your favorite program.


Once you have completed the multi-style yoga training program, you would be having substantial knowledge about different styles, whether it is dynamic multi-style yoga or static multi-style yoga. You would have complete knowledge of how to strengthen the muscles, how to increase flexibility, or how to develop physical strength.

And then according to what you love or interest you, you can choose your style conveniently to become a yoga instructor. You can also choose to become a master in your preferred style later on. Multi-style yoga training opens up a lot of ways for its students. You would also understand what kind of yoga suits you the best and what kind satisfies the soul in you. No wonder why the craze for multi-style yoga TTC India is increasing unusually.


There can never be only one type of yoga that is sufficient for anyone to lead a balanced life. You need to understand and imbibe different kinds of practices to connect with the inner self and rejuvenate your mind and body in the true sense. This distinct array of yoga styles affects different parts of your body. And hence, multi-style yoga teacher training has been a choice for many enthusiasts.

Without learning it, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate which practices are best for cardio or which ones must be preferred for balance. However, when you go with the multi-style, you get to benefit a lot. You understand how Vinyasa yoga improves heart and breathing rates and prevents diseases like diabetes. Hatha yoga workout boosts abdominal strength and makes you more flexible. You also learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and enhance muscle tone through Ashtanga yoga.


There is no doubt that with the multi-style yoga teacher training course you tend to understand almost every part of your body. The course helps you learn the physiological and psychological functioning of the body in detail. While learning any single style of yoga, you are confined and hence, do not have a vast exposure.

However, when you go with the multi-style, you tend to expand your perspectives and provide space for different types of learning. You understand what the body is made of, its capability, and how one can use a variety of disciplines to make it healthy, spiritual, and fit.

You learn how pranayama enhances cognitive performances and increases mindfulness. In fact, with the help of multi-style yoga training, you can also reduce your cigarette cravings and other bad habits. Doesn’t that sound interesting?


Now comes the question of which all can enroll in the multi-style yoga teaching course. Well, the answer is “everyone”. Yes! The multi-style course is for people of all kinds and ages. Because it isn’t just about the asanas and physical exercises, but also the relaxation techniques, meditation poses, awareness, use of mantras, and more.

If you are willing enough to learn and surrender yourself to the spirituality and divinity of yoga, you are all good to partake. These programs are designed in a way that they are convenient for an eighteen-year boy as well as a sixty-year person. And that’s what makes this style unique and special.

No wonder multi-style yoga is often considered to be the true yoga style. You can opt to take 200-hour course if you are a beginner and 300-hour course if you want to achieve an advanced level.

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