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There is no doubt that practicing yoga is a great idea—not only for your physical body but also for your mental health and overall vitality. However, as beginners to this ancient yet currently trendy practice, one tends to make some major mistakes. The key to achieving flexibility, strength, and eventually coming into the “state of yoga” is consistency, practice, and patience.

Following the path of yoga is a positively transformative experience for the body, mind, and spirit, particularly if you study from the best yoga teacher training school in Goa, Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh, and prominent places known for yogic immersions. The science is theoretical and just as practical which requires the right techniques, precision, mental, and physical girth to conclude each practice with ease and aptness. Amidst trying to perform, it is possible to commit mistakes during practice and as a yogi overall. The key to being in the true state of yoga stems from regular and consistent practice, love, and lots of patience.

Before we reflect upon the major mistakes that several yogis commit, let’s throw a brief light on the overall common mistakes that yogis, particularly at the beginner level of their learning are prone to committing

  • Going to an asana practice without warming up the body and mind which can lead to injury and also limit the outcomes of the practice. Try warming up with Sun Salutations. 
  • Pushing the body to perform advanced yoga poses and disrupting the mental, physical balances. 
  • Not adding modifications to the asanas and limiting the scope of the practice. 
  • Not paying attention to adjustment and alignment yoga, is an important subject towards preparing the body for advanced and safe yoga practices. 
  • Getting impatient and trying to move ahead of the curve and eventually falling into despair and hopelessness. 
  • Ignoring the breath, the most important element of intensive yogic practices. 
  • Constantly comparing yourself with others.
  • Practicing without self-awareness and pushing the body beyond its limitation.
  • Overlooking the aspect of the diet as guided by Ayurveda. For vedic studies, you can explore Kerala, Rishikesh, and programs focussed on Ayurveda in Goa. 



This is a yoga rookie mistake and a much common one. To compare yourself with the person next to you when you should be focussing on your own practice, this is something that would not only hinder your practice, but also make you prone to injury due to unrequited distraction. The truth is that yoga is a personal journey, no matter which batch size of a yoga class you are attending. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and different body types with different levels of flexibility and strength.

Similarly, comparing yourself to how your body and mind may be if you were a decade younger, would only lead you towards feeling stressed and distressed and take you away from mindfulness that is needed to properly fulfill yoga practices. Honour yourself in the present and continue your journey from here. And remember, every yogi is on their respective journey, there is no space for competition in yoga. 


The prana is our body’s lifeline. Prana means breath and the breath is the channel through which the body, mind, and spirit find their equilibrium while doing the asana and meditation work. Most new yogis are too focused on getting the pose right that they miss out on the technique of that asana and how that asana is truly performed. Hence, focusing on the breath is a must as guided by your yoga guru or teacher to reap proper outcomes of the practice. Similarly, new yogis assume that alignment and adjustment are for people who are not equipped to perform asanas in their true form or are on the advanced level to go away from the basic techniques.

However, the reality is that yoga has continued to evolve and gotten perfected over the centuries. Great yogis have devised their own methods and variations to the existing yoga asanas to derive more concentrated outcomes. Hence, it is important to pay equal heed to the adjustment and alignment yoga techniques, especially if you have an existing injury or condition. 


Some of us new yogis assume that certain poses are either too easy or too tough and this notion often leads us to underestimate the practice or push ourselves beyond a certain point without self-awareness. It is important to follow the advice of the yoga mentor rather than trying to push yourself and end up risking an injury or soreness of muscles. Do not force yourself beyond what you can mentally or physically sustain. Be transparent about any existing pain, soreness, or injury prior to your mentor so they can guide you as per it. 

Beach yoga


It is possible for yoga newbies to get distracted by externalities and hinder their transition by being inconsistent with their yoga practices. We skip classes once a week, which gradually increases to zero classes in a month. It is important to maintain a disciplined and consistent practice at least 4 times a week for the body and mind to properly transition into a serious yoga practitioner. 


It is possible for new yogis to feel impatient when they do not dramatically start seeing the difference in their physical and mental appeal after a few months of yoga practices. It is important to stay hooked and patient when it comes to yoga as yoga is a very extensive science and every individual takes their own time in perfecting it. Just practice and keep at it with consistency and you will be surprised at the wonderful experience that unravels.

Explore the best schools and programs for yoga teacher training and retreats. The yoga retreats in Goa, India are particularly known for offering the perfect ambiance to destress and explore yoga at your own pace so you do not feel distressed and impatient. 

Practice with safety and patience while avoiding these common mistakes and you would notice a positive difference in your practice outcomes. 

All the best!

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