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How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat for you?

Yoga is one of the widely accepted methods in the world to stay healthy and fit. Because it helps in the discovery of the inner-self and keeps a tab on our well-being through a system of mental and physical disciplines. On account of its innumerable benefits, yoga has made a mark in the world and hence, one can find Yoga Retreat and fitness centres all around the world. No wonder thousands of people with all zeal and zest look forward to commencing their yoga journey every year. Though it originated in India thousands of years ago, Yoga is practised in different countries across continents today. 

Are you also looking forward to exploring the world of yoga? But how would you find the right place to begin with when there are a variety of yoga schools offering diverse courses and experiences on yogic life and philosophy? Well, worry not! Here we list down top tips that would help you understand how to choose the right yoga retreat for you.

These tips would share an insight into choosing ideal yoga retreats that would add to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, let’s go ahead and understand it in detail:

Consider the Location

Location is of utmost importance when it is about yoga because connecting with nature is a significant part of yogic life. To understand what yoga stands for, you need to mingle with the melodies of nature, and understanding it without the presence of nature, space, and silence is too difficult. Imagine you are stuck in the midst of a city with traffic all around, would you really be able to focus on your mind and body? So, make sure you choose the right location.

Finalise Your Budget

The very next thing that should be your priority is the budget. Yes! You must be aware of the limit you have on expenditure. If you are on a tight budget, you wouldn’t want to spend anything on luxury retreats. You would always look forward to having your basic needs fulfilled. Isn’t it? Check whether meals are also included in the package along with accommodation and classes.

For How Long You Want It (Yoga Retreat)

Is it for one week or one month you are looking for? Check for the duration of the yoga course, whether you have enrolled in a program at one of the best yoga retreats in Goa, Rishikesh, or Kerala. If you are aware of the duration and timing, you would be able to plan your yoga trip easily. Also, check if the yoga retreat is offering that kind of flexibility on time and duration.

Style of Yoga Retreat You Wish to Learn


This is what you are visiting the yoga retreat in India for. So, ensure the yoga school has all courses you are looking forward to learning on offer. Yoga is of several styles including Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and more. Decide on the style first, check for its merits and demerits, and what value it would carry during your career. Once you have analysed all these things, then only move forward to take admission. 

Are You a Beginner or Experienced?

Another parameter that would help you select the right yoga retreat for your training is figuring out whether you are beginning your journey or looking forward to deepening your practice. If you are a beginner, you should look for a retreat that has the best courses available for people who start from scratch. And if you wish to excel in some yoga style, then you should enrol in a well-reputed and highly qualified school.

Look for the Best Teachers and Gurus

Nothing carries significance and everything is wasted if the teachers and gurus at the yoga school are neither experienced nor qualified. So, before you venture off on your yoga journey and enrol in a school, do check the list of teachers and mentors. Check their qualifications and their training history. Check if they specialise in any form of yoga or just have basic knowledge. This will not only help you choose the right yoga retreat in India but would also shape your career in the right form.

What Group Size You Would Love

Do you want it open and free or crowded and chaotic? It’s all up to you to decide the size of the class. If you wish to mingle with new people every day, then choosing a yoga retreat with a size of up to 30 members would be fine for you. However, if you are someone who is a little conservative and doesn’t open up easily, it would be fine to join a class with a maximum of 15 people. It will provide you with chances to grow and evolve emotionally as well as spiritually.

Check for the Daily Routine of the Yoga Class

One thing without which you do not ever finalise your yoga retreat is that you must check for the daily routine of your yoga class. Check what kind of activities they are offering in a week. Is it just academic and book lectures? Or is it a mix of physical as well as mental activities? Do check how many hours they have yoga asanas practice and how much time is dedicated to developing interpersonal and communication skills every day. You must check if the course is offering an individual the overall growth.

Level of Luxury in Yoga Retreat

Ranging from gourmet cuisine to lavish rooms, oceanfront locations to private decks, hiking and camping activities to premium services, everything is available at the most luxurious and best yoga retreats in India. You must decide the kind of luxury you would love to savour and then book your retreat accordingly. Doesn’t that make sense? So, without any further ado, sign-up for this life-changing experience. 

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