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What To Do When You Finish Your Yoga Teacher Training?

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You did it! You Finish perhaps one of the most beautiful and deeply invigorating things you would ever do in a lifetime – completing a yoga teacher training program. And for that, a big heart of congratulations. Bask in the glory of it while you also underline what to do next. After all, you might not want to put all that you learned and the experiences you lived in a closet.

Let’s put them to use for your well-being and perhaps, for the well-being of several lost souls who could use the guidance of a yoga teacher like you. It is time to grow, and continue to evolve while also being the one who leads a pack. Whether you want to pursue a serious journey in the field of yoga teaching or want to continue to work on yourself as a yogi-in-making or do both, we have got you covered. Read on to know what types of decisions you can make, and steps you can take post-completion of a certified yoga teacher training program.


Whether you have completed yoga teacher training in Goa or or you did yoga teacher training from a reputed yoga school at another corner of the globe, with a yoga teacher training certificate, you can enter the world of yoga teaching and be on the path of becoming the guiding light that shows the path of holistic well-being to others who seek it. You can start by taking one-on-one classes among friends, and peers or teaching at yoga studios at a beginner level. As you gradually gain confidence and finesse, you can move towards paid teaching sessions at the schools or open a studio of your own.


Practice makes perfect and this holds true for yoga as well. The more you practice and keep honing your skills as a yogi in both theory and practice, the better your entire transition into a complete yogi as well as a vetted yoga teacher would be. After the Finish, Keep going back to your notes, study each form and movement of the breath, and muscles, feel it, absorb it. You would realize that you are not just going deeper into your own practice but also evolving as a more confident and learned teacher. Even the most evolved yogis remain students as it is the hunger to learn and practice more that renders it with perfection.


If you did 200 hour of yoga teacher training, then perhaps, it is time to move to the advanced course which could be 300 hour yoga teacher training program. You can enroll in a yoga school in India in places like Goa and learn from the best yoga masters. Doing certified yoga teacher training in India is an opportunity that yogi should try their best to create at least once in their lifetime. Dive deeper into the theory and practice of the yogic sciences with a deeper exploration of the Vedas and Upanishads like the Bhagavad Gita and books like Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


Yoga is a huge community and a yogi is a part of a global network. The same is true for a yoga teacher as well. Whether you are planning to pursue yoga teaching or looking to level-up your practice through advanced certification, it is helpful to stay abreast of the ongoing trends and the happenings of the industry. This is something you can do by attending regular workshops where you can learn about the different yoga styles that are going on the globe, the various Vedic diets available and what is really motivating the crowd that you might be interested to teach someday. These experiences are part of continual upgrades and education that you can really benefit from as an aspiring yoga teacher.


While many of us prefer to jump the guns and straight away start making a full-fledged career as a yoga teacher, the field is more about exposure, gaining reputation and honing your skill sets before you can truly start teaching. Remember, these people who might be your prospective students are going to entrust their health and a major chunk of their life under your care and guidance. It is a huge responsibility and you can make sure that you do it right. Hence, assist a teacher or work at a studio while taking different complimentary classes to understand and learn how to take detailed classes, what to do and what not to do. This would mold your skills as a qualitative yoga teacher that the students would not mind paying a hefty price for.


While people often undermine the importance of self-reflection and revising your concepts, the reality is these are really important things to do. Question all that you learnt and find answers again in the books, there is a high chance you might discover something new or a different perspective altogether. Set aside time for self-reflection to understand how you are truly feeling and you can realise the events of the day, what you can gain from them, what to brush off and what to take forward that can help you grow as a yoga teacher.

Above all, keep moving ahead, learning new things, meeting new people and teachers. 

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