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India is known for leaving lasting impressions on the mind and soul. There are few countries in the world that can do that and India is one of them. Visiting this land is like coming to a world that is steeped in layers of history, traditional heritage, vibrant cultures, and of course, a modern innovative lifestyle that is already making a mark on the globe. The country that is known to birth some of the greatest innovators, philosophers, thinkers, yogis and of course, spiritual gurus, there are many reasons why India should be on our bucket list. Let’s explore some of those reasons below.


You would find some of the kindest souls residing in India who still believe in the traditional saying, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which translates to ‘Guests are Gods’. This saying is especially prevalent in the off=beat regions of the country, the rural areas and the mountain villages. Wander the streets of India and meet children frolicking with their charming smiles. It is not surprising to be invited into a local’s house for a meal. People are quite friendly here and believe in always keeping their kitchens stored with excess amounts of food.


The symbol of love and magically fine craftsmanship, Taj Mahal is surely the reason to visit India if you believe in historic love stories and want to lay eyes upon the one structure that is known for being one of the grandest symbols of love on the globe. The monument is one of the top wonders of the world, built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife.


Travel to India for yoga and spirituality since this country has time and again given birth to some of the greatest spiritual leaders and yogis that continue to help the community of people with their yogic and spiritual wisdom. Go with a 200 hour Hatha Yoga course in Goa at the best yoga school in Goa and immerse yourself in a wide array of experiences from a heavenly tropical lifestyle to yogic learning, this place has It all and more. India is known for hosting the best yoga retreats as well at its various ashrams and retreat centers. You can travel to Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore, Pondicherry, or Dharamshala for authentic yogic experiences.


Ahh! The food, the food is reason enough to make a trip to India. Here, every state has specific cuisine and palettes which roughly implies that you get to explore more than 30 cuisines within one country. India is undoubtedly a foodie traveller’s destination with some of the most diverse dishes at the traveller’s disposal to try suited for all kinds of taste buds. From the taste-tickling food of Punjab to the gut-calming food of Kerala, plan a complete culinary tour on your visit here. Some of the must-try dishes include Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kadhai Paneer, Pav Bhaji, Tandoori Murg, Butter Chicken, Fish Curry, Gatte ki Subzi, Choley Kulche, Kheer, Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, and many more.

Guess what, the country has an equal number of choices for non-vegetarians as well as for vegetarians. However, beef is banned here, so avoid hankering for it.


Take a spiritual bath in the holiest river on the globe, the Ganges and feel utter peace wash over you.  The river starts from the northern Himalayas and travels all the way to the Bay of Bengal, about 2525 km long. The river has a special mention in Hindu Mythology and is believed to wash away all sins delivering the souls to heaven when their time comes.

Visit Rishikesh, Haridwar, or Varanasi, some of India’s most ancient cities, where spiritual gurus, yogis, and pilgrim come over to pay homage to the river by taking dips in it and by lighting diyas at the time of prayer ceremony (the famed Ganga Aarti). Attend the Ganga Aarti at the Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh..


Set foot in Rajasthan and catch a breathtaking glimpse of the ancient history of India woven in its royal heritage. Take a heritage tour through the pink city of Jaipur and get introduced to the royal arts, crafts, history embedded in this place that is still significant in the forts and palaces that continue to remain homes of the royalty even today. Go further towards the Thar Desert and take a safari ride, spend a sparkling night under the stars at a glamping site in Jaisalmer. Visit the city of lakes and royalty, Udaipur, the royal wedding destination of India.


India’s palm-fringed southern beaches are the ideal escape from the frenetic pace of the north. While many of the popular beach destinations in Goa are now crowded, the state’s southern, more remote beaches are quiet and more pristine. My favourites are Agonda and Palolem, about 90 minutes south of Goa’s airport.


India is an exceptionally beautiful and architecturally diverse country filled with forts, palaces, mosques, temples, monuments and ancient ruins. Home to the world’s oldest civilisation, the architecture of India is rooted in its history, religion and culture. Architectural styles have evolved under the influence of countless dynasties as well as the colonial period. There are currently 32 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites across the nation, making India a treasure trove for history buffs and design enthusiasts.


No matter where you travel to in India, a keen sense of adventure follows you everywhere you go. Whether you’re riding around the southern beaches of Goa on a Royal Enfield, trekking snow-capped mountains in the north, attempting to spot Bengal tigers and Indian elephants in the wild, or even just navigating the chaotic streets of Delhi, travelling to India is one big adventure!


Embracing the chaos is an important part of any trip to India! There will be endless traffic jams, crowded streets, delays, incessant honking of horns, swerving motorbikes and rickshaws and many invasions of personal space. Learning to relax, going with the flow and being at peace with things happening on ‘Indian time’ will facilitate a much deeper understanding of the nation and culture.


From pristine beaches of Kerala to the happening nightlife of Goa, Mumbai and New Delhi, from the towering Himalayas, river rafting and adventures sports in the North of India to the UNESCO heritage sites that speak of the rich history of India, from the finest cuisines to mouth-watering street food, and every place, city connected to the major international airports, a country with the longest railway network, India is a traveller’s dream and a must-visit as well.

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