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Travel is an experience that can stimulate as well as relax us on both mental and physical planes. It takes us out of our comfort zones while inspiring us to experience different cultures and food, and in turn, increases our potential as a confident person who is more balanced, secure, and has so many stories to share. Travelling is beautifully intangible that sticks with us as a memory for life.



The world is a huge place and often, we get so used to the place we dwell in, its ambiance, culture, society, ethos, and lifestyle, that we assume it is similar everywhere. Travelling opens new horizons for the mind to explore and see the world from a different lens.

There are many times when Travel teaches us a thing or two about life itself. As we go about exploring different cultures and traditions and lifestyle principles, we become more aware of ourselves, our surroundings and how things are different for different people in different nations.


Our mind is a curious entity. But we get stuck in the daily humdrum that our mind gets into auto mode at times. A tour gives our minds and bodies the opportunity to explore new things, and places and just be in the moment. It is a beautiful experience when we engage in an activity or a place mindfully.


Traveling can play an important role in inculcating inner peace, and happiness, and in turn, lead the way to self-growth and mental well-being. Most of us live in a world where people we see or meet (including ourselves) are bombarded with high levels of stress, complexity, and the unwanted competition to become the best in everything only adds fuel to the fire. As a result, we start holding this negativity in our body and mind which leads to different types of mental and bodily ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, anxiety attacks, unhealthy weight gain, and more. We all aspire to find love and peace in a way, whether it is self-love or loving someone. This aspiration needs space to breathe in order to come to life. It can only reside in a healthy body and mind.

Travel to a new place opens avenues for finding that peace and inner happiness that we only dream of finding back in our usual environment. We are not saying that the current environment is happy for all, it can just be a tad tiring and impact our mental well-being in a negative manner. Traveling is the perfect outlet to let go and rediscover your true self.


Undeniably, one of the best things about traveling is exploring different palettes, and cuisines while engaging in meaningless conversation with the locals or the people we meet along the way. Every place has a unique culture and food is an important part of the culture. The more experimental we are when it comes to food, the more we know how the recipe of a dish changes according to the region and what kind of herbs, and ingredients put their magic spell on a dish. Food is also such a great icebreaker when it comes to making an initial conversation. After all, which decently-happily soul does not love good food?

Eat, engage and unwind in the cozy ambiance of a place far away from the worries of work or household chores. Now, that is called ‘taking a break’ before you are back at it again, only with more energy and renewed positivity.

From a survey conducted by the World Tourism Organization, it has been observed that more than half of the Travel population does it for vacation and leisure purposes. This indicates that people see travel as an important medium to bust stress and to experience complete relaxation. People are willing to explore new types of holidays that are more eco-friendly rather than tech-oriented modern luxury escapes. Off the top of the list, choosing a yoga teacher training course is a go-to option for traveling yogis.


A yoga TTC in India is both fulfilling and rejuvenating where the beauty and culture of places take away the prize in terms of choosing a yoga program. Aspiring yogis often look for experiences with the best of both worlds and so, they hail the best yoga school in yoga for yoga teacher training in Goa. These factors indicate how traveling plays an important role in the self-growth and mental, and physical rejuvenation of travelers.

Traveling is important for us humans as we are communal beings, even when we are solo. And we love to explore even if we do not enjoy crawling out of our comfort zones too much. But then, therefore the hospitality industry is such a hit and people are opting for more staycations nowadays. 

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