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Things To Prepare For Your Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa


Isn’t it an exciting opportunity to become a certified Yoga teacher? To be able to share the physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga with other individuals? However, a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training course is required to begin your journey as a Yoga instructor. Becoming an instructor requires you to provide undivided attention and dedication to your subject matter, just like the requirement of any other ordinary teacher course.

You must be able to perfect your skill and master your art so that you can guide others through this insightful journey. You must be able to polish your skills before you go on to pass them on to others. Half knowledge of any subject never does any good.

There are numerous Yoga Teacher Training programs are available in India, one of the most famous being Yoga Teacher Training Certification in GoaIt serves as a hotspot for tourists worldwide who migrate here from different locations of the world only to learn Yoga from Yogis who have a particular teaching style. They follow a traditional approach blended with a modern touch. Indeed, Goa has a lot to offer to its tourists who flock here in numbers to commence their intuitive journey of Goa.

The popular retreat of Goa Yogashala has been a thrilling journey for many travelers seeking inner peace and refinement. This spectacular Yoga Alliance retreat is located in Blissful Goa and is just two minutes away from the spectacular beach of Agonda. However, before you start your astute voyage of Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, there are a few things you need to prepare for beforehand.


Consistent practice: Prior to joining a yoga teacher training program, it will be advised for you to start practicing asanas beforehand so that you get into the right physical fit. It is better to make your tight muscles flexible before you start on an intensive Yoga journey. However, this will help your body prepare for a future workout. Otherwise, having sore and tight muscles will hinder your fruitful journey of Yoga Teacher Training, and you will require more time than others to achieve your certification.

Meet different Yoga teachers: Attending different Yoga Classes and meeting different Yoga instructors will give you a clear idea of which method suits you the best. By doing this, you will decide which approach to apply to your teaching and what will make you the best Yoga instructor. Upon taking various classes, you will understand the approach you want to adhere to while running your classes someday. It is always good to gain experience from certified Yoga Teachers and analyze them and their techniques.

Regular Journaling: Some Yoga Teaching programs require regular journaling and maintaining a diary. This is done to help unclog your blocked mind as penning down your thoughts helps in its acceptance and development. You can start journaling even before you start your Yoga Classes to budget your time and be aware of all the obstacles and hindrances you are facing. You can also write whether you are recovering from them or not and whether or yoga TTC in goa not it is helping you in any way.

Stay aware of what to expect: Before you presume your  YTTC Certification, you should acknowledge the school’s methods and proceedings. It is advised for you o go out of your way to research the school you are enrolling into. Have in-depth research carried out on the school and its curriculum. You can also try contacting some of its staff members or current students about their experience and journey. It would be best if you constantly stayed alert and conscious before enrolling in any school or institution. Also, Yoga Teacher classes require a huge money sum too; you must know whether the school is worth providing the insights and lessons as promised.

Learn to nurture patience: For becoming a Yoga Teacher, the first step would be to complete your 200-hour Yoga Certification program, which can take months. Before you get enrolled, you must have your mindset with patience and composure about the time frame consumed in this beautiful journey so that you do not start to lose your forbearance once you are in the retreat. You must know how great things take time, and spending these 3 to 5 months is just a small investment you are making to lead a life of serenity and inner peace.

Let go of insecurities and ego: Before joining the retreat, your mind must be filled with ambition and enthusiasm, letting go of all negative thoughts. Surely, it does not matter whether you are fat or lean, black or white, short or tall; the only thing that will matter is how you plan to contribute to this meaningful journey.

All the details pertaining to what to do before starting your Yoga Teacher Training Certification program have been mentioned above. Go through the points mentioned above that will help give you a clear picture of what and what must not be done. All the points have been framed, keeping your prospect in mind.

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