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How Much Weight Can Be Lost Doing Yoga: Types, Exercises, & More!


The concept of Yoga has been doing quite a good amount of rounds these days. Although it has been present since the primordial state, its presence and growing popularity are undeniable. Today’s youth and adults have revolutionized the concept of Yoga to the extent that it has become a part of the lifestyle now. Earlier, yogis and sadhus used to spend days and nights engrossed in meditation and practicing Yoga.

They had entitled their entire life to Yoga. They had figured out the secret of longevity and easily eradicated diseases. Yoga has hidden supreme powers that can help treat various ailments if done properly. In today’s world, Yoga is used for various purposes.

Supposedly, you are an individual who wants to shed off some kilos but do not have the adequate time or energy to hit the gym. In such cases, Yoga is the answer. Nowadays, practicing Yoga asanas for weight loss is the new trend now.

Yoga is not only easy to perform but does not require any equipment too. It is easily accessible and is not intense. You can easily incorporate some light Yoga movements into your lifestyle if you are not looking for a hardcore workout.

When you practice Yoga, you must keep various things in mind like yoga diet and consistency. You must be consistent and loyal to your diet and Yoga asanas.


Plank: This is the best Yoga form to strengthen your core and work on your abs. When you perform this pose, the entire burn is felt in your abs and the stomach region. Does this posture; you are required to lie down on the ground first. Your belly must be facing the ground. Rise slowly as you balance your body weight on your arms and elbows. The entire length of your body must be properly aligned, neither stooping too low nor rising too high, just in its natural elevation. The only connection you have with the ground will be through your toes and hands.

Warrior pose: This pose helps stretch your arms and legs and strengthen and tone your shoulders and inner core. To do this pose, you are required to stretch in front of you as you balance on .your knee. Your front knee must be stretched outwards, and your hind leg must be stretched behind in a straight line. Your front leg must be able to carry the weight of your body as you lunge forward. You can even stretch your hands upwards as you bring them close and join them. Hold this pose for some time till you feel the burn in your abdominal muscles.

Downward Dog Pose: This is another easy pose that targets your legs, glutes and hamstrings. To do this pose, you are required to start bending downwards. Your hips must be pointer upwards, and your hands stretched in front of your face glued to the ground. Your face must be facing down, and your legs stretched behind. This will also help improve your blood circulation as well as concentration.

Shoulder stand pose: This posture helps in enhancing your digestion and metabolism. To do this pose, you are required to lie down first. Slowly, lift your legs until your entire torso region is balanced up and your palms support your weight by holding your inner back. Your chin is tucked in, your body perfectly aligned and your hands supporting your back.

Bow pose: This is another great pose to reduce belly fat. It helps to open up your chest and abdominal muscles. To do this pose, firstly lie down on your belly. Next, you are required to lift your legs and upper body slowly. The only body part that remains glued to the ground is yours under belly. Your hands are stretched backwards as it supports your legs, making a bow type of structure. This is where the pose gets its name from. When you do this pose, you resemble a bow.

A brief overview of various Yoga asanas for weight loss has been mentioned above. However, if you desire a routine, you can attend a Yoga class for weight loss. They are not only easy to perform but are quite effective too. You also need to include a healthy diet clubbed with Yoga to lose weight. You can include more greens and vitamins into your diet and fewer fats and carbs.

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