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How To Become A Yoga Teacher?


Yoga is a thousands of years old science practiced since ages to achieve unity and rhythm between the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga translates to ‘Yuj’ in Sanskrit which means ‘to unite’. Owing to its composition, it is not just a practice or a workout style, it is not a posture that is adapted, it is a form that is attained, a state that the yogi falls in. Those who are serious about pursuing yoga on a deeper level or shall we say, a more authentic level, the thought of spreading the word of yoga and helping people across the globe through its scientifically-proven benefits, often comes to mind. 

The journey to becoming a yoga teacher is simple and with just a few steps, you unlock the door to something extraordinary, the journey to becoming a serious yogi and also transitioning into a yoga teacher. 


The journey of yoga teaching begins with getting certified or qualified to teach this serious science. Hence, it is better to go with a yoga school that offers internationally-recognized yoga programs. Start with a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher Certification) from a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga school. If you get the chance to do a yoga TTC in India, then there is nothing like it. The birth land of Yoga, India offers some of the most authentic and traditional yoga teacher training courses. 


The biggest eligibility criteria of becoming a yoga teacher is to be ‘driven’. Are you inspired to do this? Is teaching your passion or do you want to discover it along the way? Either way, a yoga teacher makes a great yoga teacher if they are driven towards the cause and the route that leads to becoming a mentor, a guiding light to various entities across the globe. It helps if you are a graduate or a postgraduate as being educated at a level helps in better understanding of the concepts and the study material as well. 


Fortunately, doing a yoga teacher training program from a ruptured yoga school requires 4-6 weeks of learning on-campus rather than years of it. Although, the education does not stop, it is just the beginning step towards becoming your own teacher as well as being the perfect teacher of yoga to others. See if you can manage 4-6 weeks and devote it whole-heartedly into the learning of yoga. If yes, then it is time to start looking for the right school. But first, select the right destination. 


Destinations such as India, Bali, Nepal, Thailand, Costa Rica, offer the best yoga teacher training programs owing to the fact that these places are the yogic hubs and have been the yogic hubs since time immemorial, especially India, the birth country of yoga and Vedic sciences. Pick a destination that you can manage or are willing to go to. 


Once you have selected the destination of study, it is time to look into Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools to undertake a yoga TTC. Go with a yoga school that has a great team of teachers and has maintained positive reviews online as well. There are places where you have to rely on digital mediums and this is one of those moments. Look into the reviews about the chosen schools and their teachers online.  Shortlist the ones that fit the parameters. 


The next important thing to look into is whether the program and school of your choice offer residential programs or non-residential ones. Better yet, do you prefer to stay at the school or near the school where you can explore other things as well? To each their own in this one. There are pros and cons to both the options. If you go with a residential program, you are focussed day in and out and you can completely immerse in the authenticity of the program, observe how the teachers go about their day to day lifestyle, be among other students and connect with them after classes, and so much more. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a non-residential program, then you are free after classes to explore around or engage in activities outside the school. You can also interact with other people outside the school. 


Properly fulfilling the curriculum of a yoga teacher training is an important step in the journey of becoming a yoga teacher. However, to become a skilled yoga teacher, it is important that you set enough time and space aside for taking as many practice classes with different students and class sizes as possible. Take feedback from your teachers and mentors and students on your classes and find ways to improve. Become A Yoga Teacher, You should be comfortable as well as make sure that your students are comfortable enough to ask you questions and grab the techniques you teach them with ease. You should be able to help them adjust the poses, align the postures with ease. 


The yoga community, even though it is globally spread, is still a small one and it is important to stay connected with your peers, teachers, students and mentors. What word of mouth can get you, no amount of marketing can get. Genuine reviews matter most when it comes to recommending a yoga teacher. 

Stay inspired!

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