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Embarking on a yoga teacher training course in India can be a transformative and spiritual journey and when you are doing it with a highly-reputed yoga school, the experience is truly unprecedented. So, get ready to venture off on the spiritual journey of yoga with the guidance of Goa Yogashala. Located in the serene coastal paradise of Goa, Goa Yogashala offers an enriching and authentic yoga TTC experience. No wonder it is popular amongst yoga enthusiasts from around the world.

If you wish to begin your yoga teacher training right away, then you have reached the right place. Here, we would be learning about yoga TTC at Goa Yogashala, ranging from its courses to scholarship program, learning experience to teaching approach, and location to certification.


Goa Yogashala offers a variety of Yoga teacher training courses to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of individuals who are interested in deepening their understanding and practice of yoga. The most significant courses for your yoga teacher training in Goa include:

100-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training

This program is designed for beginners and those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of yoga. The course covers the fundamental aspects of yoga including asanas, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and teaching methodology. With this course, you would gain a solid foundation in multiple yoga styles such as Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Vinyasa yoga.

200-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour yoga TTC at Goa Yogashala is a comprehensive program for aspiring yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners looking to refine their yoga skills. It is also for those who wish to become certified yoga teachers and pursue a strong career in the yogic world. The course includes an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, anatomy, alignment, sequencing, pranayama, yoga asanas, meditation, and teaching methodology. Also, you would have the opportunity to develop teaching techniques and gain confidence through practice teaching sessions.

300-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training

If you wish to level up your skills and step into the advanced area of yoga, then the 300-hour yoga teacher training at Goa Yogashala is for you. It is an advanced course designed for those who have already completed a 200-hour certification and wish to further expand their knowledge and skills. This program delves deeper into the study of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and advanced asana practice. During this course, you would also explore additional yoga styles like Iyengar, Kundalini, and Restorative, thereby, gaining a holistic understanding of yoga. The course also focuses on advanced teaching methodologies, sequencing, adjustments, and refining one’s teaching style.


At Goa Yogashala, students can also avail themselves of the great opportunity to learn yoga without any tuition fee. Yes! With its scholarship program, students can enrol in the 200 hour yoga teacher training course and learn in detail about meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, chanting, yoga nidra, yoga philosophy, anatomy, and everything significant subject needed to become a yoga teacher. The program also includes comfortable accommodation, excursions, access to all in-house facilities, and a lot more. The scholarship program aims to make this life-changing experience accessible to individuals with financial constraints and promote inclusivity in all senses.


Yoga teacher training in Goa is magical with Goa Yogashala training programs. Nestled by the serene shores of Goa, Goa Yogashala provides an inspiring environment for a transformative yoga TTC. Surrounded by lush greenery, tranquil beaches, and the calming sounds of nature, the school offers an ideal setting for deepening your practice and connecting with the inner self. The peaceful atmosphere here not only encourages relaxation but also the spiritual aspect of the journey. Apart from a peaceful atmosphere, the school fosters a warm and supportive community where students can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. It is here you can share your experiences and learn values from each other.


Unlike many yoga TTC schools, Goa Yogashala takes pride in its commitment to imparting traditional teachings rooted in ancient Indian philosophy. Under the expert guidance of highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers, students here delve into the core principles of yoga, including asanas, pranayama, meditation, yogic philosophy, etc. Moreover, the school follows a structured curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Hence, students at the school ensure a comprehensive understanding of yoga’s holistic aspects.

Go On Spiritual Retreats and Excursions

Everyone loves going out and exploring the rich corners of nature, history, and culture. It not only enhances your personality but also provides you with a sense of cultural understanding. That’s why Goa Yogashala organises spiritual retreats and excursions as part of its yoga TTC India programs. Get the opportunity to visit sacred sites, temples, and ashrams and have a profound experience of India’s spiritual traditions. The retreats and excursions, apart from complementing the curriculum, provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in India’s rich heritage.

Certification and Support at Goa Yogashala

Upon successful completion of your yoga teacher training course at Goa Yogashala, you would receive a certification recognized by Yoga Alliance which would allow you to teach and take yoga classes across the world. But your journey with the school doesn’t end with the certification of your course. Goa Yogashala extends its support beyond the completion of the course and hence, offers post-training assistance, mentorship, and opportunities for further professional development. Whether you wish to open up your private yoga centre or delve into the teaching world of yoga, Goa Yogashala is always there for you.

Tips for Your Yoga Teacher Training
  • Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Stay committed and build a consistent practice
  • Do proper research about the training program you wish enroll in
  • Cultivate an open mind and embrace the philosophy of yoga
  • Be diligent and keep on learning the teaching aspects of yoga
  • Build relationships with fellow trainees

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