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Sea, sand, and the sun are what define the gorgeousness of Goa. You can be anywhere in this smallest state of India, you would be just a few miles away from the shore. Though Goa is famous across the travel community as an ideal destination for party lovers and hippies, it has also gained a reputation as a significant yoga destination in the last couple of years. So, today it houses beautiful yoga retreats where one can learn everything related to yoga disciplines, ranging from yogic lifestyle to eating habits and meditation to yoga asanas. If you wish to become a certified teacher, then you can go with yoga teacher training goa courses here.

But one thing that differentiates Goa from other prominent yoga places in India is the beaches of Goa. Yes! Its serene & tranquil beaches are what attract enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Moreover, if you practise on a beach, it is a completely special experience. So, here we are going to discuss the top reasons why you should practise yoga on a Goa beach. 

Goa Beaches Are Beautiful

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul at the Goa beach and open up your senses. Goa has more than 30 beaches spread across its northern and southern parts. Though some of them remain crowded with tourists throughout the year, many of them still host an alluring and untroubled environment where you can find your peace of mind.

These beaches won’t just provide your inner self with calmness but would also treat your eyes with grand spectacles. Go out early in the morning and witness the sun rising over the horizon as you do Sun salutation poses. You can also take out your camera and capture some beautiful pictures here. 

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Connect with Earth and Nature

Yoga is all about connecting your inner self to the consciousness of the universe. And what better than nature to understand mother Earth and connect it to your conscience and lifestyle? While at a Goa beach, you get to disconnect from the outer world and embrace the warmth of nature for nature inspires and motivates people.

That’s one of the reasons it is an important part of yoga. Sit by the shores and watch seawater striking the beach with full force. Listen to birds roaming around and feel the sand with your hands and toes.

Whether you are at Agonda Beach or Kakolem Beach, the mindfulness you are going to experience is surely worth the exploration. Feel the cool breeze soothing your face. All of this together would put you in a very restful state and help you drain out all the negativity. It would also help you revive your spiritual side.

Home to the Best Yoga School

Located on the striking Agonda Beach in South Goa District lies the best yoga school, Goa Yogashala, where people come to learn yoga from different parts of the world. It is a Yoga Alliance Certified school and has a good reputation amongst yoga practitioners and enthusiasts.

Here, you can enrol in a 200 hours or 300 hour yoga teacher training Goa course and learn in detail about yoga poses, philosophy, meditation, and more amidst favourable tropical weather. The school also offers multi-style yoga TTC courses depending on your level of flexibility and strength.

Mingle with like-minded people, learn progressive teaching methods, and awaken the spiritual soul in you. The teachers and mentors at Goa Yogashala are highly qualified and experts in their respective fields. So, whether you wish to learn Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, or Yin Yoga, this yoga school serves the best of the yoga world. Moreover, its seaside picturesque location allows students to soak in the true essence of nature.


Mental as well as physical freedom is important as this is what helps in the overall growth of an individual in all aspects of life. It brings with it a multitude of merits for all yoga practitioners and enthusiasts. When you practise in a closed environment on a mat, it restricts your thought process and refrains you from immersing deep into yoga as you are unable to replenish depleted energy.

However, the scenario is opposite when you practise yoga outdoors on a beautiful sandy beach where the sun welcomes you with open arms. Here, you don’t have any boundaries and hence, you are free to practise yoga asanas and meditation without any kind of mental and physical hustle.

You can inhale better-quality oxygen, which in turn, will rejuvenate your lungs. Yoga on the Goa beach would help deepen your practice a lot easier. It would also provide you with the opportunity to converse with nature. And this will boost your confidence and concentration. As you walk barefoot on cool sands, you can get a sense of relief. 

Relax Away from a Chaotic Environment

Take a break from your routine classes and rejoice in the wonders of Goa beaches. Relax in its pristine atmosphere as you practise yoga with all zeal and zest. Unlike other places, Goa beaches are quite calm and serene, and hence, it is here you feel like taking a rest in the lap of nature. Once you’re done with your practice, you can indulge in a number of seaside activities.

You can try your hand at water adventurers or simply take a stroll along the shore. You can also relish traditional local food at these beaches. Visit beautiful churches and forts and take a walk back in time. Isn’t it the best way to relax away from a chaotic environment?

So, these were the major reasons why you must enrol in a seaside yoga school in Goa and practise on the beach. Get going now and be ready to begin your yoga journey. 

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