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7 Things To Consider When Picking Your Next Yoga Travel Destination


You have decided to take the leap and enter a world where the universe and your body are going to form an eternal connection. This is the beginning of a brand new experience that you are going to carry along for a lifetime. It is important to start this journey at the right note, from […]

Vinyasa In Yoga (Definition, Use, History And Tips)


Vinyasa yoga is a popular form of yoga that strings together various postures where one posture seamlessly eases into the next posture by employing breath, entailing a flowing movement. This flow yoga widely practiced in Western countries can be likened to a cardio workout as it helps increase your heart rate while you break out […]

Why Do Yogis Say Namaste? (Definition, Meaning And Proper Use)


As an avid yoga practitioner, you might have often come across the word ‘Namaste’. Yoga instructors use this Sanskrit word to end a yoga class. Yoga teachers bow before the class and say the word ‘Namaste’ to conclude a yoga session. In India, the word Namaste is used quite often as a way of greeting […]

Why All Women Need To Try Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga

Yoga as a form of exercise has become popular worldwide today. However, many new styles of yoga such as restorative yoga, Hot yoga, Forrest yoga and other novel forms are increasingly becoming popular. One such style of yoga is Yin yoga which is particularly useful for women due to its relaxing and grounding effect. Besides, […]

Why Is Goa The Best Place To Do Yoga Teacher Training?


Once the land of hippies and a sure-shot destination for youngsters, Goa nurtures a favourable environment for families, couples, explorers, and bachelors alike today. Though it has been on the radar of international tourists for several decades, it is grabbing eyeballs from every corner of the world in an unprecedented manner at present. It is […]

Why Yoga Practice On The Goa Beach Is So Good


Sea, sand, and the sun are what define the gorgeousness of Goa. You can be anywhere in this smallest state of India, you would be just a few miles away from the shore. Though Goa is famous across the travel community as an ideal destination for party lovers and hippies, it has also gained a […]

Top Career Options To Choose In 2024

Goa yogashala

Choosing a Career can be scary and thrilling at the same time. The kind of career we choose defines us and our identity in the society and in our family too. To choose a career, it is important we know what are our strengths, weaknesses, inclinations, and what motivates us. Based on our aptitude, we […]

Yoga And Ayurveda For Winter


Winters are a time to enjoy with your loved ones. However, it’s also a time when lethargy sets in making it difficult for most of us to even get out of bed during peak winters. Winters are synonymous with shorter days and longer nights which only feed upon the winter lethargy. However, Yoga And Ayurveda, the […]

How Do Ayurveda And Yoga Intertwine?


Ayurveda in India originated over 4000 years ago and is an ancient system of holistic medicine. However, in combination with yoga, the effects of Ayurveda become even more pronounced. Yoga and Ayurveda are both traditional and natural disciplines but they work in different domains in the wellness world. Ayurveda is considered a science of life and […]

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