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Choosing a Career can be scary and thrilling at the same time. The kind of career we choose defines us and our identity in the society and in our family too. To choose a career, it is important we know what are our strengths, weaknesses, inclinations, and what motivates us. Based on our aptitude, we can select a career and then decide on the education that leads us to it.



A profession that has been one of the most prevalent on a global scale, going into the field of software development, coding is one of the top career options to pick in 2024 as well. With the rise in technology, the demand for skilled software developers is on the rise as well. This profession is especially useful for the ones who seek career opportunities in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. 

To become a software developer, you need a graduation degree, preferably a 4-year engineering program from a reputed institution. Alternatively, you can do post-graduation from a college in order to commence working with a multinational corporation.


digital marketing manager

As the geographical gaps are becoming smaller and as we are witnessing a glocal as well as a global shift from brick-and-mortar to online media as the preferred mode of shopping, brands are turning to online marketing for branding and promotions. This entire shift has been upscaling the working of marketers with more opportunities for digital marketing managers sprouting up exponentially. You can start your journey towards becoming Digital Head by specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. 

To progress in the field of digital marketing and make way to a higher, doing an MBA from a reputed college in Marketing or Digital Marketing is preferred. Alternatively, you can do certifications in Digital Marketing from reputed bodies including Google and Facebook


Yoga has enthused intellectuals and health-conscious people since decades when the word of yoga and its incredible mind-body benefits began to be known among people across the globe. Ever since, yoga practitioners began to aspire for the role of yoga teachers and therapist with the purpose to convert their passion for yoga into a professional career.

Every year, several people come to India, the land of yoga, to study yoga to become the best yoga teacher. Starting from a 200 hour Hatha Yoga course in India, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training to many other yoga styles and education as long as 1600 hours, yoga opens the door to something extraordinary and puts you in a role where you can self love and help others with just as much love. 


Another one of the top job and career choices for those who are willing to create a starry career both locally and overseas is that of a chef. If you have a sensitive palate, the eye, and precision to visualize food and create fascinating art from it just as edible, then this field is a lucrative opportunity for someone like you.

To become a chef, you are likely to need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in hotel management from a globally accredited institution. Further, you can specialize in a stream of your inclination.


A catching on profession which started a thing of interest that social butterflies used to engage in as a means to create a self-image and also to share their life stories’, memories with the rest of the globe.

Since the brands have started identifying the need to bridge the gap between their products and celebrity brand ambassadors, they are turning to influencers for help. You can pick a niche and work your way through it. Or you can pick 1-2 niches such as fashion and lifestyle and build your influence from there. To become an influencer, you need to have a minimum of 10k followers for reaching potential brand collaborations and tie ups. 


Investment Banking is a popular career option as corporations are looking to make smart investments to build a strong portfolio and for this, they turn to advisors who can take charge of it and deliver results or make strong recommendations. These personnels are known as investment bankers. Almost every corporation has one.

To become an investment banker, you need a master’s degree in corporate finance or general business management. 

Whatever career option you choose, it is important to have a direction and a purpose, what you are trying to achieve or build or create and then take a call accordingly. You can sign for aptitude tests or take crash courses to see what suits you best. Doing an internship is a great way to start something fresh on a professional level. 

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