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The Holistic practise of yoga has evolved over thousands of years. It has been a guiding light for millions of people around the world, especially those who are fitness freaks and love to take care of the connection between mind, body, and soul. If you look at the history of yoga, you would find out that it has branched out into many incredible forms and styles over the years. Though traditional yoga forms like Hatha Yoga and Karma yoga have been extremely popular among practitioners, you also have the followers of Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga on the other hand. All these new yoga styles gained popularity in the modern world.

One of these modern forms of yoga includes Acro Yoga which combines the elements of yoga and acrobatics. Haven’t heard of it, even at your yoga school in Goa? Never mind! Here we are with the top Acro Yoga things you must be aware of.


Before we delve deeper into things related to Acro Yoga, let’s understand what Acro Yoga is in simple terms. Well, as mentioned earlier, it is a dynamic practice in yoga involving the components of acrobatics and yoga. It is a form of partner yoga wherein one person acts as a stable base on the ground and the other person performs movements in the air as a flyer. There is often a third person involved in Acro-Yoga who is called spotter and has the responsibility to make sure that the yoga is performed optimally and the flyer lands safely on the ground. Acro Yoga in India is quite popular today, however, it is practised by people around the world.


Acro Yoga Is for Everyone

Acro Yoga is for everyone because it embraces inclusivity and adaptability, and hence, regardless of your age, body type, or fitness, you can participate and benefit from this practice. It encourages teamwork, trust, and communication, and also helps in creating a supportive environment that allows individuals to challenge their boundaries and grow. With proper guidance, Acro Yoga helps you enhance physical strength, flexibility, and body awareness, while also nurturing mental focus.

Acro Yoga Doesn’t Require a Partner

Contrary to popular belief, Acro Yoga doesn’t actually require a partner because there are several poses that can be explored individually. With the help of props like yoga blocks or walls for support, practitioners can engage in dynamic movements and transitions. Solo Acro Yoga not only allows you to develop body awareness or build strength but also helps you experience the joy of the practice without the need for a partner. Consequently, this makes Acro Yoga accessible to people who don’t have a partner during the practice session.

It is Built Upon the Trust

Acro yoga is the foundation of trust and there is no doubt about it because it is built through the interdependence between the base and flyer. The base must trust his strength, stability, and ability to support the flyer in various poses and movements. The flyer must trust the base to provide a secure foundation and maintain its safety while in the air. This trust in Acro Yoga nurtures a deep connection and allows partners to explore new possibilities and experience the power of collaboration.

Acro Yoga is Fun

Acro Yoga is incredibly fun due to its playful nature. It offers a unique opportunity to you to engage in dynamic movements and explore acrobatic poses with a partner. The thrill of being lifted into the air, finding balance, and creating shapes together generates a sense of excitement and joy. It also encourages creativity and makes each practice session feel like an adventure. No wonder it is for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Incorporates Elements of Thai Massage

During Acro Yoga practice, the transition from acrobatic poses to supportive positions resembles traditional Thai massage stretches and techniques. The base provides gentle pressure and assistance to the flyer, thereby, promoting deep stretching and release of tension. Thai massage elements such as compression and assisted stretching included in Acro Yoga create a nurturing and fun experience. It not only enhances energy and blood circulation in the body but also improves your overall yoga experience.

Enhances Mental and Physical Stability and Focus

Looking forward to enhancing your mental and physical strength? Well, it’s time to resort to Acro Yoga! Yes, Acro Yoga enhances mental and physical stability and focus through its challenging and coordinated movements. As the practice requires concentration and focus, it also promotes mindfulness. Consequently, the practice develops physical strength, flexibility, and body awareness and improves mental as well as physical stability and focus.

Acro Yoga has Two Sides – Acrobatic Lunar and Acrobatic Solar

Acro Yoga includes two different sides namely Acrobatic Lunar and Acrobatic Solar. Acrobatic Lunar focuses on the more therapeutic aspects of the practice and involves slow & flowing movements, deep stretching, and gentle flying sequences. It emphasises relaxation and incorporates elements of Thai massage and restorative yoga. However, on the other hand, Acrobatic Solar represents the more dynamic and acrobatic side of Acro Yoga as it involves strength-based poses and acrobatic flows showcasing strength and balance. It helps in nurturing focus, determination, and playfulness.

Communication Is Key

Communication is of utmost importance when you practise Acro Yoga as you must ensure a safe and harmonious practice session for you and your partner. Both of you must communicate your needs, boundaries, and intentions and make sure to synchronise your actions through verbal cues such as counting. Non-verbal communication, such as eye contact and body language, should also be there to enhance connection and understanding. The better communication you have at Acro Yoga, the more successful your session is.

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