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How To Select Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa India?


The modern age of virtual affinity and frequent life distractions requires mental calmness for the best. Yoga practice is the best possible way in this regard. The experience of practicing yoga can be channelized into a career option if you are serious and dedicated to it. While yoga training can change your perception of life, there are certain important aspects that you need to keep in mind.

The very basic idea of yoga teacher training is to expertise in this field over the course of regular practice. India has been an important center of Yoga activities since a very old time period. People across the globe visit India for yoga teaching training and a mind-body transformation. There is a long list of centers and retreats for yoga teacher training course in India.


This country offers yoga retreats at some of the best locations, starting from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains to the cozy beaches on the West coast of the country. Yoga is a broad term that is home to multiple rejuvenating activities. Before you apply for a yoga teacher training in Goa India, it is important to know some facts to keep in mind.

Ensure that the center you are signing up with is certified by the Yoga Alliance which is the international governing body for Yoga practice. This body sets the standard for a properly organized teaching program and thus you can rely on that center. Moreover, if your goal is to be a yoga teacher in the future, your training in yoga courses should be certified by the Yoga alliance.

Your scope for teaching yoga in the future can be completely demolished if you do not keep this certificate in your regard.  A very important step is to keep in mind how to balance work hours and training hours. While some people may prefer retreat-style yoga teacher training for a continuous period of about 30 days, others might prefer getting trained in their free time or on weekends. So, before signing up for the training center, you have to know about your preference. This decision-making is also a part of your yogic transformation!

You should keep in account the records of the center you are opting for. It is noteworthy here, that just a Yoga Alliance certificate does not raise the dignity of the training center. You need to take into consideration how long it has been training, the qualification of the trainers, and the type of studio they offer, and most importantly check their records of training.


Yoga is all about the unity of your mind, body, and soul, or, in other terms, the amalgamation of your physical and spiritual existence. Yoga practice includes a lot of varieties-

  • Different asanas for handling postures.
  • Deep breathing exercise or pranayama.
  • Mantras and mudras for concentration enhancement.
  • Various self-satisfactory artworks like mandalas, surrender boxes, etc.
  • Getting an idea about philosophy and anatomy.

While each of these is crucial for your transformation, anatomy is the biggest deal to remove confusion and gain confidence during the training period. So, ensure that the training center provides you with expert trainers who will focus on human anatomy. It is extremely important to have an understanding of anatomy as it will play a vital role in the long run of a yogic career.

The yoga teacher training course has dedicated and subdivided hours for postures, anatomy, philosophy, and history. However, each teacher’s training will bring their own aura to their respective program. So, you need to be determined about the branch of yoga you want to be an expert in. Likewise, it is very crucial to study the curriculum that the training center has to offer. You should always opt for the program that suits your needs and desires in the long run.

You should always look into the certification of your instructors. Keep in the record, how they are training and for how long they have been practicing. Also, check whether are Yoga Alliance RYT. This will help you to decide whether you want to train under their guidance or not. You should simply have the right feel and confidence in your instructor.

For getting a deeper idea of connection or bond, you can opt for some public classes too. Yoga teacher training is all about practice and determination. The more you connect to yourself, the stronger your training results are. But there should be a reliable beginning to the process. So, it is smart and wise to study and select a yoga teacher training center that pays attention to your criteria.

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