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How Long Does It Take To Complete 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?


Are you planning to set foot on the insightful journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher? Do you want to spread awareness about Yoga? Are you willing to become a teacher even though teaching was never your cup of tea? Are you skeptical of how much time it would take to complete the 200-hour Yoga Certification? Well, this appears to be the right blog for you to dive in. Yoga is a spiritual journey undertaken by individuals seeking tranquility and peace. It is a path of enlightenment leading you towards inner peace and serenity. It is what brings mind and soul to function together. It develops synchronization of mind and body and facilitates its normal functioning. For those who have already witnessed the true essence of Yoga and are ready to take the next leap forward, pursuing a 200 Yoga Teacher Training would be the next option for you.


When you want to master an art such that you want to teach others, that requires you to perfect your yoga skills efficiently. To become a teacher, you must be thoroughly aware of the subject. That is how the journey of a teacher is set. Generally, programs ask you your level of experience before enrolling you into any course because you must have a bare apprehension of the subject matter. The fundamentals include:

  • Growth in mindset and physical being
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy
  • Alignment awareness when performing poses
  • Proper technique awareness.


There are mainly two recognized levels of Yoga Teacher Training Certification like the 200-hour and the 500-hour. The 200 RYT certification is the primary program that all instructors have to complete to acquire fundamental insights into Yoga. Without this, there is a bare minimum chance that any facility will want to hire you. For individuals who want to take it to the next level and are highly ambitious regarding Yoga, the 500-hour certification program would be the best choice for you. After completing the fundamentals, you would want to learn more about the depth of quintessential and its crucial segments. This program will further help you in setting up your facility someday.After you have completed your training and earned your certification; you have the right to hold the initials of CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher). Then, you can begin the journey of your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa which consists of various programs and training opportunities for both learners or aspiring teachers.


The path towards the journey of Yoga Teacher Training is time-consuming but worth waiting for. However, individuals remain who are not even willing to provide a few months to their path to enlightenment and inner peace. Great things take time. Some interns would prefer to avoid giving exams of any practical kind that will require the trainers to mark their abilities to teach and provide Yoga tutorials. Some individuals will want it easy. They would always want to cut corners and even refuse to commit to the elemental 200-hour Yoga TTC Certificate journey that teaches you the fundamentals of Yoga. However, the facility in charge of hiring Yoga teachers will appoint you on your basis of skills and experience. You need to have a few months of experience before you start delivering the same knowledge to others. To put it in a nutshell, if you aspire to become a teacher, you will have to commit to a few months to learning Yoga thoroughly with sheer solemness and ambition.

How long will it take to complete a 200-hour long Yoga Certification program?

The length of your program depends on a variety of factors. It depends from school to school and instructor to instructor how much time they shall take to complete your 200-hour certification journey. But on average, 2 to 3 months are generally required to complete a 200-hour long course. However, it is worth the time and patience. Time invested in doing something well never goes wasted.

Details about the time frame and various courses included in the Yoga Teacher Certification program have been mentioned above. Details of Goa and its most prominent training program too have been mentioned. However, if you need more options, you can also check out the RYT 200-hour Yoga Certification program in Goa, filled with lush paddy fields and traditional vibrance. It is heaven for tourists seeking a holistic and traditional approach towards Yoga fusion with some spectacular beauty surrounding it.

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