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From Novice to Expert: What to Expect from a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

A 200 hour yoga teacher training program is the first step that a yogi takes towards serious yoga practices apart from graduate and post graduate programs held by universities. With a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India, you get complete exposure into the world of true yogic studies. Upon graduation from a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, you have the foundational knowledge and practice of yoga anatomy, asana practices, how it connects with the breath and mind and how you connect with yoga as a way of life. A yoga TTC in Goa blends the contemporary vision of yoga with the traditional to semi-traditional yoga styles that constitute the core of yoga.

Ideal for those who aspire to become yoga teachers and learn how to conduct ethical and safe yoga classes for their students, help them heal and upgrade their skills and yogic experiences one series at a time. Explore the art of yoga in a beautiful beachside setting with palm-fringed beaches that go from public to semi-private to completely private for you to pick and choose as per your need and convenience. Explore the Goan food palette while keeping the Vedic rules in check.

  • Build a Strong Foundation of a Yoga Style (or Styles)
  • Create a solid foundation of asana practices on mental and physical planes. Learn the primary series in detail.
  • Build your body and mind to develop their own practice.
  • Learn how to practice meditation to link it to the poses and also learn how to utilize the breath (pranayama) to bring about holistic outcomes from the practices.
  • Study Yoga Philosophy and the sutras as discussed in the vedas from the perspective of combining it with the modern lifestyle.
  • Get introduced to new postures, techniques and how to conduct classes of your own.
  • Understand the concepts of Alignment and Yogic Anatomy to drive it towards safe and correct practices.

What to Expect from a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Transition onto the Path of Yoga Teaching

Tread the journey of transforming into a yoga teacher from a student during the Teaching Methodology sessions. Develop your teaching skills in addition to honing your knowledge and practices on a personal level. By the conclusion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa from a reputed yoga school, you will be confident and skilled to conduct personalized classes and design your own series. Learn how to design opening sequence,  closing sequence and finishing sequences. Conduct and also help your students undergo safe and correct practices. Learn how to perform modifications to address specific issues. Also learn how to give constructive feedback to your peers to help them improvise and vice versa.

Learn the Concept & Application of Safe & Correct Yoga Practices

When you are a student at a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in India, you go beyond entering and exiting the poses, you experience each pose in the mind and body, you learn to connect with it to perform safe and correct yoga practices. The alignment and yoga anatomy classes take you through a complete play-by-play of the internal and external body system with the aim to become more self-aware within the body and mind. The teachers help you gaze into each technique so you can minimize the risk of injury while performing even the most intense postures. The workshops help you understand each technique and set a higher milestone for the next one.

Learn How to Control the Breath & Link It to Your Body and Mind

Breath control! Pheww! Doesn’t it sound impressive – to be able to capture and control your own breath, it is really something. But this is an important part of 200 hour yoga TTC as it guides you to become more aware of yourself. With the help of breath, you can smoothly move from one pose to another while increasing your focus. This is taught during Pranayama classes at a reputed 200 hour YTTC in Goa. Increase your lung function and release pent-up stress. Learn how to control your mind and body from overreactions and to not let anything negatively impact your mind and body. This is one of the biggest transitions that one experiences from being a novice to becoming an expert yogi or yogini.

Learn and Adapt to the True Meaning of Yoga

Yoga is a way of life as taught and practiced by the great sage Patanjali and it can be imparted in its purest form only when there is a structured approach to it such as an Indian yoga TTC in Goa. Explore the various sutras that make for a robust yogic lifestyle during the Yoga Philosophy classes. From here begins the journey of self-transformation and upheaval, the transition from being an amateur to becoming a complete yogi.

A yoga TTC in Goa can begin even earlier with a 100 hour yoga teacher training program. With this program, you can catch a wide glimpse of what to expect during a 200 hour yoga teacher training. In addition to yoga, Goa is a haven for holidayers with the enchanting beaches, fun water sports, buzzing flea markets and so much more. Enjoy moonlight dances, restorative yin yoga, and so much more.

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