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Curriculum For 200-Hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to our 200 hour yoga TTC in Goa with Goa Yogashala School. We appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to join us in this truly rewarding, life-changing yogic journey towards a better life. Before you begin with the course, we assure you that all our courses are respectfully accredited by Yoga Alliance and so are our teachers.

Our curriculum mainly concentrates on teaching you the most ancient practices of yoga with careful and practice contemporary methodologies that help you stand out as an exceptional practitioner as well as a teacher if you choose to continue in the profession.

At this point, we would like to highlight that all our courses are suitable for all levels of practitioners, including beginners with no experience as well as professionals who wish to deepen their practice. However, we advise you to have at least six months of yoga practice before you commit to something as serious and dedicated as a four-week intensive yogic lifestyle. Again, we would like to mention that we do not discriminate against anybody based on their practice and knowledge and all of you are equally welcomed to train with us.

Let us now take a quick look at our teaching syllabus for the upcoming weeks.


What To Expect Out Of Your 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India?

The Goa Yogashala 200-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training is regarded as one of the best yoga teacher training in India not only because of our exclusive modern approach to ancient teachings of yoga but also because we have some of the best yoga teachers in the country who are highly skilled and completely dedicated to preaching yoga to seekers from all around the world.

Although the course is regarded as the first level of teacher training, you must keep in mind that the next four weeks are going to be greatly educational and extremely thorough, which is why we expect a 100% attendance from you and your unfailing focus. During these four weeks, you will practice an ancient form of Hatha, basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series, yoga anatomy and physiology, various meditation techniques, the art and science of adjustment and alignment, and a lot more.


Week 1:

The first week of the course begins with an introduction to yoga and the yoga teaching profession. Throughout this week, you will be taught about the history of yoga and its various definitions as well as forms, as described by the various school of thought. You would also begin practicing the primary/basic series of HATHA, regarded as the foundation and the most conventional form of yoga that is practiced in the modern world. At the same time, you will learn about the important principles of adjustment and alignment and be introduced to yoga anatomy and physiology.

During the week, you would also learn about your primary tasks as a yoga teacher by starting to teach in pairs as well as small groups. Throughout these teaching practice classes, you will be given simple tasks by your yoga mentor and be expected to follow their guidance and unveil your inner voice as a future mentor.

You would also get a chance to learn about the various Yoga philosophies which primarily focus on the various yogic traditions. Additionally, you will start learning about the principles of Patanjali’s eight limb system, as mentioned in the Yoga Sutra.

Your evening classes, during the entire course period, are dedicated to gentler practices, such as yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation. This is programmed to provide your mind and body the necessary nourishment and rest that it requires after a long day of intense practice. Occasionally, we will also introduce certain meditation techniques such as mantra chanting, Satsang, chair yoga, laughter yoga, and partner yoga.


Week 2:

Welcome to week 2 of your 200 hour Multi-style yoga teacher training in goa. After the introduction to important fundamentals of yoga training in the first week, it is time to delve deeper into the more intense practices of yoga. Thus, we dedicated this week towards learning and practicing of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga – a style popularized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, that truly revolutionized yoga and brought it to every corner of the world.

During the second week, you will learn about the basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, including modifications designed to cater to all levels of practitioners. We also implement teaching methodology during the practice so you understand how to practice these sequences safely and guide others to do the same in the future.

At Goa Yogshala, we believe in the safest practices and we understand that every human body is different in terms of flexibility and agility. That is why, our yoga mentors pay individual attention to all of you, ensuring logical adjustments and modifications as and when required.

Furthermore, you enhance your teaching skills as well as your anatomy knowledge.


Week 3:

Week 3 begins with the introduction of Vinyasa yoga, both its traditional form as well as the more modern dynamic version. During this week, you will be familiarised with the foundations of this yogic form, but you will also learn several modern-day improvisations such as yogic dance and music. Due to its freestyle,  interdisciplinary aspects, and the ability to offer modern yogic a chance to express themselves, Vinyasa is considered to be one of the most popular forms of yoga in the west.

Throughout this week, you will also learn about the various types of Pranayama and its main practices. Furthermore, you will learn more about the various types of mudras and their benefits. Additionally, you will more on your teaching methodology and communication skills – how to prepare for a class, how to sequence a class, how to describe and deliver your techniques, and what are the different types of lesson planning.


Week 4:

Congratulations! You have made it to the final week of your 200 hour Multistyle Yoga Course in Goa. This week is all about revisions and assessments. This week, you will get a chance to refresh your memory and go through everything you have learned so far in the past three weeks. Additionally, you will be asked to demonstrate what you have learned so far through various theoretical as well as practical assessments. While your theoretical assessments may test you on your knowledge about various aspects of yoga, the practical would essentially include teaching demonstrations, understanding of the human anatomy, comprehension of adjustment and alignment practices, etc.

Furthermore, during the week, your yoga teacher will also discuss the business of yoga which will teach you how to set up your own yoga business but remain ethical and stay true to the ultimate cause of spreading the knowledge of yoga.


Our Curriculum Covers The Following Topics:

  • 100 hours of yoga asana practice, including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and Mysore-style
  • 25 hours of teaching methodology, including yoga business
  • 25 hours of yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics
  • 20 hours of yoga anatomy
  • A minimum of 10 hours of Teaching Practicum (Instructing)
  • A minimum of 10 hours of meditation
  • 10 hours pranayama