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What’s Next After Finishing Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga opens the doorway to the most awe-inspiring possibilities of the body and mind that are difficult to fathom otherwise. A Yoga Teacher Training is surely the first serious step towards this self-realization and mind-body transformation. Whether you have done a yoga certification in India or from another destination known for yoga teacher training, it helps if you are prepared with the next steps to ensure that the learning and consequent evolution continues to go on. The world of yoga is full of possibilities and once you graduate from a reputed yoga teacher training program, the options are endless.

Here are some of the recommended steps, options, and opportunities that you can look into as you graduate from a Yoga Teacher Training program.

Take a Break & Slow Down a Bit

Yup, this is the most important thing to do once you have successfully earned a Yoga TTC certification. A yoga teacher training program as beautiful as it is can also be quite grueling in many ways, all for the betterment of the body and soul (of course). You gave your time, energy, body, and spirit to the program. It is time to slow down for a few days and really relax. Catch up with your family and friends that you might have missed during the course or just catch up on some self-care time, read a book, watch a show, relish a missed delicacy, and book a few massage sessions to restore and unwind. Engage in restorative yoga on the mat.

Sign Up for Free Yoga Teaching

If you are on the path of becoming a serious yoga teacher who sets their own price per class, then the journey starts with honing skills and making your presence felt by conducting free yoga classes or classes at minimal value at different yoga studios. From teaching a mock class at a yoga school to teaching a real class full of real students, there is a transition that happens gradually. As a yoga teacher, you should be confident in your teaching methods and delivery, you should be able to answer as well as transfer both theoretical and practical knowledge to your students with ease. These free teaching classes will get you there. It will also help you spread awareness about your talent and expertise as a yoga teacher. Once you have reached a place where people come to sign up for your classes specifically, that is the day from where you will be ready to set your own fee.

Become an Active Member of the Yoga Community

While yoga advises an entity to travel inwards, it is a good idea to travel and attend the various yoga events and community held conventions. It is time to migrate from being a student to being a contributor to the community of yoga by spreading care and wellness through the yogic route. Being an active member of the yoga community will also strengthen your network with the other yoga teachers and practitioners. It helps get in touch with the latest trends and updates in the yoga industry and helps you grow and develop your skills as a yogi.

Set Aside Self-Practice Time

What you learn from a month or two month-long program can only be retained and continuously improved through regular self-practice. Hence, set aside self-practice time and stick to it. By self-practice, we do not mean only the asana practices, but also brushing up on the theoretical side of yoga, the yogic discipline, and its philosophy. Refer to the ancient yogic texts, dig deeper into the layers of these sacred yogic texts like the Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta Philosophy, the Ananta Philosophy, and the Rig Veda. Practice the yogic way of life and make conscious efforts to imbibe the yogic ethics in day to day lifestyle.

A Yoga Certification in India Could Be Your Next Step

India is the land of yoga and not just in an archaic sense. It is  the country that has preserved the yogic traditions, value system in authentic form to date. If you have not already, then it is a good idea to do a yoga certification in India and get the name of being an India-educated yoga master. You can apply through Yoga Teacher Training scholarships 2023 to get into some of the best yoga schools in India without being hefty on the pocket. An Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga TTC in India is one of the most popular yoga teacher training certifications here. You can visit Kerala, Mysore or Goa in the South or Rishikesh and Dharamshala in the North of India.

Think About Specialization

In the yoga world, there is a new style that emerges almost every year. If you have not found which style is your calling, i.e., which yoga style or styles you would want to explore further, then the time is now. It can be one or it can be a couple of yoga styles that you can pursue further and take on specialized training for these. Continue to learn and evolve as a yoga teacher and practitioner. From trying out traditional yoga styles to semi-contemporary and contemporary ones, find the styles that suit you most. You can start taking practice classes to arrive at the same.

Register your certificate on the Yoga Alliance website to get your license approval so you can start teaching yoga professionally with ease. There is a time period which you can check on the website under which you need to register your certificate. Keep a regular track on the latest updates on the Yoga Alliance USA website.

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