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Reasons to Practice Yin Yoga in India

Yin Yoga is an ancient style of yoga innovated from traditional Hatha Yoga. The style is a slow-paced one during which postures are held for longer periods of time, even longer than five minutes. It is practiced with the purpose of complete nadi purification and has been in practice for hundreds of years in the county. During yin yoga sessions, the asanas work on stressing the connective tissues in the body, particularly the tendons, ligaments, and fasciae with the purpose to increase circulation in the joints while improving flexibility. The style is practiced by yogis to seek inner peace and silence within the body and mind.

Yin Yoga & Its Links to India

As a style that finds its emergence from traditional Hatha Yoga, the traces of Yin Yoga can be witnessed in the Indian history of yoga as far as thousands of years ago. As BKS Iyengar imparted the teachings of holding certain yoga asanas for more than 10 minutes with the aim to increase longevity and overall health, the strength of the body and mind, it is akin to the practices of Yin Yoga since Yin Yoga also utilizes the same technique. Hence, despite its origin in China, Yin Yoga is practiced in India and taught at prestigious yoga schools and studios in its authentic form.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in India

Doing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training in India is not just a rewarding experience but just as authentic and fascinating. Whether you go for a Yin Yoga course in Goa at the best yoga school in Goa or traditional yoga teaching places in India, you are in for a captivating journey. India is the birthplace of Yoga and a treasure trove of Vedic knowledge. Along with being home to diversity in terms of culture, food, lifestyle, and whatnot, a Yin Yoga Teacher Training in India takes you on a journey of mental health and vigor that is truly magical. In India, the yoga schools do not preach ‘just’ yoga asanas, the programs here are much more ingrained and deep-rooted in spirituality and mental growth.

Learn and Practice Yoga at the Source of Its Origin

As mentioned before, India is the motherland of Yoga and Vedic science. As old as five millennia, yoga is nurtured in India with just as much authenticity even today. Study and explore multiple dimensions of Yoga and imbibe its true meaning into your day-to-day lifestyle as the yoga teachers here take you through a wholesome journey of yoga from following the yogic principles, interpreting them, to attaining perfection in the asana practices. 

Meet Like-Minded People & Be a Part of a Global Community

Another beautiful thing about doing a yin yoga teacher training in India is the wide network that you become a part of. India is the land of yoga and each year, several aspiring yogis come here to seek the teachings of yoga. With a certification from a reputed yoga school in India, you become a part of the yoga community that is globally widespread. It is possible that during your yoga program in India, you might bump into your soulmate or a friend who sticks by you for a lifetime. Besides, India is a country that welcomes its guests with open arms. The locals are hospitable, and the ambiance is serene as well as vibrant. It is an amazing experience to dwell among such beautiful spirits. 

Crawl Out of Your Comfort Zone Into a Different Culture

Coming to India for a yin yoga teacher training goes beyond the Vedic experiences and the lessons of yoga gurus, you come to a place known for its diverse cultures, rich traditions, lip-smacking food for all kinds of taste buds, and most of all, a blend of different lifestyles. From coffee houses to vegan hangouts to party zones to buddhist monasteries to meditation centers, this country has it all and it is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to explore the cosmopolitan vibes of the metro cities of India after or before your program or you want to travel somewhere offbeat into the lap of the Himalayas or into the hug of the Thar desert, the country with its exceptional beauty and charms takes the breath away. 

Agreed, there are both pros and cons to every place and it is entirely up to you how you perceive certain things. But the truth about this country is that it does not leave an entity empty handed. Once you land here, India has a wide range of experiences to share with you that you would go back home with a trove of knowledge and lots of interesting stories to tell. 

For the best experience, it is better to map out an itinerary based on which part of India you are travelling to.  If you want to explore the hippie vibe while engaging your mind and body in yin yoga therapy, then there is nothing like a yoga teacher training program in Goa, the tropical paradise of India. 

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