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Aerial Yoga

An Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Innovated in 2006, Aerial Yoga is an interesting style of yoga that combines traditional yoga asanas, Pilates, and various dance moves, all conducted with a hammock. When we look at a picture or videos of aerial yoga, we find it so exotic and tough at the same time. No doubt that aerial yoga is indeed a gorgeous yoga style and is a bit technical as well. But it is a myth that it can only be performed by acrobats or advanced-level yogis. If you are keen on it, then you can learn it without having the background of an acrobat.

Aerial yoga started gaining popularity a few years back and has been gaining the attention of yogis, and newbies. Why? It is exotic, and beautiful and appears wildly challenging yet elegant at the same time. Once you know how to work with the folds of the hammock, you can do even the toughest poses such as headstands and flips with ease. The hammock works as a TRX suspension trainer offering you the required support to perform yoga asanas.

According to a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), women who did 50-minute aerial yoga for 3-4 days a week for up to six weeks were able to lose up to two and a half pounds of weight on average. It is a stunning discovery even though the sample size is too small to conclude anything. But we can surely say that aerial yoga is a great workout option for those looking to gain the benefits of moderately intense activity. By adding variations to it, this style of yoga can qualify for a high-intensity workout as well.

What do you need to practice Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga requires one thing and that is a hammock which is a prop that can support up to 250 kgs of body weight on average. The whole setup hangs about a minimum of 1 meter above the ground level. It consists of a support chain, carabiners, and a webbing strap for extra safety and convenience. For an increased range of motion, it is hung at two anchor points. 

If you are looking to study it in India, then you made the ultimate choice that a yogi truly needs. You can enroll into the yoga teacher training courses in India, study aerial yoga in Goa at the best yoga school in Goa. There are many other options where you can study aerial yoga. However, India being the birth land of the yoga art form offers recognized and qualitative yoga courses for aerial yoga.  

Here are some of the other reasons why aerial yoga workouts are becoming ‘the big thing’ nowadays. 

No Particular Level or Skills Required for  Aerial Yoga

Despite the contrary belief that aerial yoga is for acrobats and advanced-level yogis, aerial yoga can be practiced by foundation-level yogis to the yogis practicing for the first time. The yoga teacher handholds you through the entire experience till you are ready to work it independently. 

Heat Your Core

One gorgeous benefit of doing yoga off the ground is our body utilizes the core in order to attain stability for implementing the pose as well as the range of motion. And this engagement of the abdomen happens naturally without pushing it too much. Gradually, as you grow as an aerial yoga practitioner, you would be able to engage your core even more intensely. 

Feel Complete Zen Mode On

It has already been proven that activities that engage the mind and body are helpful in reducing stress. Aerial yoga works that way too. Turn Zen mode on as you practice aerial yoga. Try being in the corpse pose (savasana) while engulfed in the warmth of the hammock as you gently swing in its comfort and you would know what we are talking about here. 

Get the Thrill of an Acrobat

Imagine lying in a hammock while doing gymnastics. Yes, that is exactly how aerial yoga feels like. 

Aerial Yoga Makes Mat Poses Easier to Master

Have you been trying to master poses like a headstand or pigeon pose? Turn to aerial yoga, and get a feel of how your body would feel when it is in an inverted position without the fear of hitting the ground hard.  

Ideal for Cardio and Strength Building

Aerial Yoga is certainly a calorie-burning yoga form. Even scientists working on the ACE study believe so.

Safer for Knees

Joint problems arising due to high-impact activities are a common issue and aerial yoga certainly offers a respite from this problem. it helps the body perform the right amount of cardio without being hard on the joints since there is no ground reaction while performing the practice.

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