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9 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Should Start Blogging

Today, most information available is on an online platform. So, whether you are running a business or are self-employed, the online podium offers myriad opportunities for each one of us. The world of wellness is today driven by many inspiring bloggers and influencers who now use the internet to grow their tribe and rake in some moolah!  Now, as a yoga teacher, if you are looking to grow your followers, the easiest way to reach your students is through blogging or sharing articles online. You will not only share your opinions and knowledge online but also grow your yoga business if you are able to gauge what your students are looking for and connect with them in an interactive way.

This article will explore 9 reasons why yoga teachers should start blogging about yoga -a thing they love and know best!

Setting up a blogging website is simple

Setting up a WordPress account for blogging purposes is no rocket science. You can easily set up a blogging page online through the WordPress platform. For those unversed, WordPress is a blogging platform and is most popular with bloggers worldwide. However, make sure you do not forget to share your blog posts with your client email lists and also share them on online social media platforms. Furthermore, consistently posting articles online will improve your website’s visibility wherein new users will be able to find your blogs organically via Google search results. Plus, a call to action tab embedded in your blog posts will help people find your website, get in touch with you, sign up for your email lists and eventually book your classes.

Your students will feel more connected with you and your yoga skills

In a yoga studio, your students might be interacting with you for just about an hour or so. However, consistently blogging about your yoga teachings online will offer a gateway to extend that interactive time along with your teachings. Moreover, your students will most likely have a high recall value of your teachings and are more likely to share your content bringing in new potential students.

You can create your yoga brand

Yoga is a vast domain in the physical and spiritual realms. As a yoga teacher, you can create your own yoga brand by writing high-quality articles on specific topics. For instance,  you can create a niche by writing consistently about yoga specifics like meditation or pranayama techniques. Frequently writing about niche topics will give you a voice about your most saleable skills and help to create your own yoga brand. Moreover, this can also help draw in your ideal students who are specifically looking to train in certain yoga skills. For example, if you are into yoga teacher training programs and based in Goa, then your articles might talk about topics such as 300 hours of yoga teacher training in Goa or Yoga teacher training in Goa.

It can help to grow your tribe

Blogging online is interactive as your readers can post comments and is thus a good way to connect with your present as well as prospective students. Also, informing your students about your recent blog posting can be beneficial especially if your blog post talks about something you taught your students in class on that particular day. Also, this can help students who attend the same class to connect with each other and share information while fostering camaraderie offline. This way you will grow your community which will help to get bookings on future events and yoga retreats organised by you. Furthermore, this will also encourage return visits to your yoga studio as your students will feel more connected and part of a community.

Blogging is a good way to network

Let’s face it, but growing your students is a requisite to keep your yoga classes up and running. Blogging offers you a window wherein you can easily connect with other yoga studios, yoga teachers and prospective students. Moreover, blog posts that elucidate your style of yoga will help people gauge what you are about as a yoga teacher. This might open a window of opportunities and you might just land a teaching position or contract for taking yoga classes at your dream yoga studio! What’s more? Blogging can help you connect with fellow yoga teachers and help create a hallowed community of like-minded yogis around you.

Reach a wider audience

Blogging offers you opportunities to reach a wider clientele, especially those based in other locations. If you also offer online yoga classes, a trend that picked up during the Coronavirus Pandemic, then blogging and having an online presence can help disseminate your message far and wide and help garner potential students from worldwide destinations.

Supports collaborations

Your blog can serve as a vehicle to foster collaborations with brands and yoga teachers and in the process build your yoga brand online. So, whether it’s guest blogging for fellow yoga teachers or reviewing yoga products of brands online, blogging offers a perfect platform for such online collaborations. This can not only help you garner potential students, but also enhance your credibility as a yoga teacher if brands and fellow mates endorse you.

Blogging is a creative experience

Just like yoga, writing can be a creative and fulfilling experience. Once you start sharing your thought process and what you know about yoga through writing online, you will eventually learn to enjoy the process. Moreover, learning a few nuances of digital marketing can further enhance your yoga brand wherein you can specifically target your niche clientele and inform them about your class USPs and what comes next in your yoga classes or your brand. This will help you stand out in a wellness market already saturated with yoga teachers and other wellness coaches. Besides, blogging and cursory knowledge of marketing your skills online can only help you succeed in your yoga business.

You might inspire others

Fitness enthusiasts and yogis worldwide love to lap up genuine and novel information pertaining to health and wellness online. So, if your blog is informative and well-written, it will instantly garner fans from across the globe. Blogging offers you a platform to give back something and inspire others to jump on the wellness bandwagon. Moreover, its are those feelings filled with fulfilment and gratitude when you receive emails from people from far and wide praising and thanking you for sharing worthwhile information. And who knows but some of these fans might just land in your city and join your yoga classes!

Your takeaway!

Blogging although an attractive proposition is not all that easy. It takes time and patience to really get followers and collaborators off the ground. Besides, you will need to share your posts with your email lists and social media followers on a regular basis while maintaining a consistent posting schedule. Nevertheless, you’ve got umpteen reasons why as a yoga teacher you should start blogging. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Set up that blogging account today and start writing to create and nurture your brand of yoga.

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