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Yoga Travel Destination

7 Things to Consider When Picking Your Next Yoga Travel Destination

You have decided to take the leap and enter a world where the universe and your body are going to form an eternal connection. This is the beginning of a brand new experience that you are going to carry along for a lifetime. It is important to start this journey at the right note, from the right yoga school and the right destination where you can completely immerse yourself in the art of yoga. There are certain prerequisites that you can look into while making a selection on the destination you want to pick for a yoga program.

7 Things to Consider When Picking Your Next Yoga Travel Destination

The Weather Conditions

A completely immersive experience of yoga goes much beyond the mat and the four walls of a yoga studio. You imbibe it in day to day life and should be able to practice it in natural spaces where you can truly connect with nature while you are in yoga. Hence, pick a destination where the temperature and weather conditions are more to your liking and comfort. You do not want to sweat all over the place or feel itchy everywhere due to rash weather conditions. There is a possibility that this might hinder you from completely soaking in the true yoga experience.

The Taste and Food

When it comes to yoga, the dietary choices you make are important for gaining complete benefits from the program. If you are going with a residential yoga teacher training program then the school you choose would serve the food as per requirement of the program. If it is a good school, then you are sorted. However, if you are traveling for the purpose of yoga and exploring the destination then choose a location or rather food that does not upset your digestive health. If you are meat eater, then you might want to put a pause on it for sometime and focus on a destination that is known for vedic food, such as India or better yet, you can look into a yoga teacher training in Goa or Kerala or Rishikesh, where you would find the right food and ambiance both.

Wherever You Go, Do Pack Your Essentials  

They say, ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’. And indeed it is, when you go to another destination, yoga or no yoga, it is better to have your day to day necessary stuff along. By necessary, we mean stuff like prescription medication, some energy bars, nutrition supplements, creams and toiletries etc. Since some of the best yoga schools can be at remote locations where you might not be able to purchase your daily needs on the go that are specific to your requirement. Hence, it is better to pack these necessities along. Do check the travel advisory of the selected destination (s) and see if it suits you and how you can abide by it. Pack and prepare accordingly. If a destination does not allow you to carry certain things that you can not do without, then it is better not to consider it.

Where the Best Yoga Schools Are  

Of course, this goes without saying that picking a yoga destination where yoga is well known and has some of the best yoga schools, is an ideal one to go with. While yoga schools are present across the globe with the rising awareness among people about gaining mental and physical health benefits from natural body sciences. However, a good Yoga Alliance certified school is not enough. You need to look into a school that is known for offering the kind of yoga style you are willing to learn and the infrastructure should be able to support you with it.

If You Travel Only Cashless

Most countries advise carrying cash as much as possible. When all things fail, cash does come to the rescue in any location and at any time. In fact, some of the best yoga schools are in remote locations where digital payments might not work. However, if you have a habit of remaining cashless then pick a destination and a location within that destination where urban lifestyle persists.

Prepare for the Worst

When travelling to a destination we have not travelled to, it brings in many fresh experiences. But with these experiences, we can not entirely rule out the worst case scenarios such as medical emergencies, accidents, theft, loss of documents, etc. While making travel plans to the destination, do check their emergency numbers and get in touch with the embassy as well. If the numbers are active and on, then you can pick those. It is better to go with a country that has a centralized number and proper embassy protocols in place.

Plan a yoga tour to a destination with these things in mind and get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Of the top places to visit for a yoga program are India, USA, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, etc. You can choose as per the preference. If you are looking for something authentic and traditional, then India, Nepal, and Bali top the list, India being the top one with 200 hours, 500 hours, and 300 hours yoga teacher training in Goa, Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore and the like for the yogis to gain authentic experiences and learning in yoga science. It is better to go prepared though with a proper travel kit and accessories to help you enhance the entire experience.


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