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Yoga Teacher Training

What to Do After Finishing Yoga Teacher Training?

Several yoga practitioners who have just undergone a Yoga Teacher Training course or are on the verge of finishing one find themselves at the crux of the kind of step they should take once they complete the program. Well, first of all, take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that you have successfully completed a Yoga TTC in India, which is an accomplishment. Finishing a Yoga Teacher Training course in India opens several routes for practicing yogis and teachers of the art form.

Here are the major things you can do once you finish a recognized Yoga TTC in India

Register Your Yoga teacher training Credentials With Yoga Alliance

The first step once you graduate from a reputed yoga school is to register your credentials with Yoga Alliance. Check whether your school offers a Yoga Alliance-recognized course or not. If it does, then just go to the Yoga Alliance website and get your certificate registered on the website. By doing this, you will gain the authority to teach the art of Yoga across the globe.

There are many reputed yoga schools in India that offer Yoga Alliance-recognized Yoga TT programs. You can opt for a yoga school in Goa, Rishikesh, Mysuru, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, and the like for authentic yoga immersions.

Start Expanding Your Expertise & Knowledge With More Certifications

The road to becoming an advanced-level yogi as well as a serious Yoga teacher is continuous. Doing a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is surely the right first step to take on the road to this great self-discovery. From here, you can continue to expand your knowledge and skills as a yogi by adding more styles to your portfolio. If you are practicing and preaching on a global scale, then it is an add-on to get a certification in first-aid as well such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Undergo Advanced Yoga TTC in India

Alternatively, you can continue the Yoga Teacher Training path with a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course or straight away, undergo the 500 Hour Yoga TTC in India. Remember, Yoga Teacher Training is more than just asana practice; it is a spiritual science that works on a combination of philosophy, techniques and methodologies. The more advanced you go, the better you emerge as a teacher and practitioner.

Continue to Revisit the Learning’s of the Course

Continue to practice and explore the subject matter is the key to staying on the path of yogic transition. Set aside a fixed time slot for revising the learning from the course. Whether it is the asana practice or doing a recap of the theories, perfection can only be attained with constant exploration and revision. Revisit the chapters studied in the Yoga Sutras, Adjustment and Alignment, Yogic Anatomy, and continue to put them to practice. Practice Pranayama and work on your meditation skills and gradually expand the time limit.

Start Teaching Yoga at the Yoga Studios

As you step into the world as a yoga teacher, focus on delivering practice classes, even if they are for free. Teaching yoga requires confidence and perfection which can only be attained with practice classes before you put a price on it. Once you gain some experience, set your hourly rate and put your profile online. Alternatively, you can network and use your contacts for exposure and practice.

Open Your Own Yoga Studio 

Once you have gained enough experience as a yoga teacher at different yoga studios and schools, you can set out to open your own yoga studio. It is an add-on if you have gained certifications in multiple styles or perfected Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga styles on an advanced scale (the two most classical forms of yoga). You can start with a small base of students for focus and further honing your skills as a yoga instructor before taking on larger batches.

For getting students to your classes, you can promote your classes online, offline or via your personal network which would be mostly through word-of-mouth. For capturing registrations online, you can run ads on social or run digital ads. And for offline registrations, you can try out door-to-door activation or promotional booths at a viable marketplace.

Get Insured

Get liability insurance for your credentials as a yoga teacher. Whether you open your own yoga studio or teach the art at different studios, an insurance certificate is often asked. Getting liability insurance adds value and further credibility to your profile as a yoga teacher.

Practice the Yogic Way of Life

Of course, you know the significance of the yogic way of life and the important role it played when you underwent the Yoga TTC in India. Just like we need food to survive, yoga needs discipline in terms of diet, study, and practice to thrive well. Hence, continue to imbibe the yogic discipline in your lifestyle along with following the yogic diet. This would not only keep you inspired in the body and spirit, but you would be a source of inspiration for your students as well.

It is a good idea to get into the intricacies of designing an Ayurvedic diet as it will be helpful when you take on yoga students. Most students prefer to gain a holistic exposure from their yoga guru in terms of both lifestyle and practice.

Teaching or practicing Yoga is a serious discipline that requires continuous commitment, mentally and physically. However, once it becomes a part of life, the experiences that lay ahead are truly extraordinary.

All the best!

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