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Essential Things to bring to Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga practice has become an inevitable part of health-conscious individuals in the modern world. There is a rapidly increasing trend of going to yoga retreats and institutes to complete a Yoga TTC. Going to other locations for the training period is a very smart and effective choice. This not only gives you a feeling of being on a vacation as well as molds you in the best way possible through the fine art of yoga. If you are going to a yoga institute for a specific period, you are definitely going to be away from home. So, this requires packing some essential things for your journey. Though most the places have access to almost every daily essential thing it is always a relief if you carry your own items.

Keep in mind that you are packing the absolute essentials and keep your luggage as light as possible for easy trading. In this article, we will take a look at the necessary things you should pack before leaving for your yoga teacher training course.

Essential Things to bring

Yoga Gear:

It is always comfortable to use your own yoga gear during practice. Make sure you pack your yoga mat, towels, utility bag, and other props. Though most institutes will provide you with yoga mats, so might feel yourself only on self’s mat.

Clothing Essentials:

It is recommended to practice yoga in comfortable clothes and fittings that will allow you to flex yourself. So, you can pack lightweight bottoms and casual uppers. In case, you are practicing yoga in humid regions, make sure to pack light and breezy clothes.

You can also keep night suits or sleepwear and lounge-wear for times other than yoga practices. You should also pack a sarong as it has multiple utilities. Use it as a scarf, as a skirt, or even wrap it around yourself if you are feeling chilly. Irrespective of what you pack, try to keep it as minimalistic as possible. There is no requirement for the extravaganza at places of self-rejuvenation.


In some institutes, you need to attend yoga classes barefoot. So, using a sandal or slipper is the best choice, however, if the institute has chances of trekking or excursions, keep a Essential pair of sports shoes with you.

Notebooks or Journals:

Noting down what your instructor says during a class is a very good habit. It is not possible to remember every tip and trick, so it is better if you can write it down and give it a reading later on. Note down the Sanskrit name of asanas, anatomy and philosophy notes, book recommendations, alignment tips given by your instructor, posture modifications, and the yoga practice sequence for later practice.

we can also write a timetable on how to plan yoga classes. You should also keep a journal for keeping a record of your emotional changes on a regular basis throughout the training period. This will help you realize how yoga has affected to you transform your life.

Water Bottles:

It is important to stay hydrated always and thus, it is recommended that you pack your own bottle. But, make sure that you should use eco-friendly bottles like that made of glass, metal, or copper. Try to avoid using plastic bottles whatsoever.


Any yoga teacher training course includes a span dedicated to reading. The yoga texts and books are mostly provided by the institutes themselves, but it is always nice to have a book of your own choice.


If you are under any prescribed medication, you should definitely carry those on your own. For medical emergencies, the institutes have first aid facilities. Most yoga schools offer vegetarian meals; so many people prefer carrying supplements and multivitamins.

Currency of the particular country:

Although you have currency exchange facilities in every country, it is safe to keep some amount of the particular currency with you. It will help you in any sort of emergency purpose. Before exchange, you should keep an eye on the current exchange rate and act likewise.

Other essentials:

Cellphones and adapters are inevitable to get in contact with your friends or family when you are away, but try to keep away from too much digital exposure. You can also pack a torch or emergency light for power cuts. Sunscreens face wipes, sanitizers, and other necessary toiletries can be packed as per your preference or need.


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